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Should Pope Francis wear a mask?

Pope Francis in Korea

Fr Thomas Reese criticises Pope Francis for not wearing a mask, and even goes as far as saying Pope Francis should go to confession over this. He gives 6 points explaining why Pope Francis should wear a mask. The Society of St Pius X (SSPX), a group of mostly health people, are behaving like idiots around the world by shunning mask use and other means of preventing spread of SARS-CoV-2. They can very easily and soundly be condemned as fools. I’m not so sure about Pope Francis.

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SSPX quiz answers

Liturgy of St James - Bread and Wine prior to Consecration

There are a few questions in the SSPX quiz that are related to specific facts/concepts, and people tend to answer “Unsure” or its equivalent. I’ll give the answers here.

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Quiz time – SSPX and COVID

Take the SSPX COVID-19 quiz now!

A fun quiz to take about the SSPX situation and other things.

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SSPX – the Dangers of a Cult Mentality

The International Seminary of Saint Pius X in Écône

Previously we looked at clear, plain statements from three popes (and others) that confirmed that the relationship between the Society of St Pius X (SSPX) and the Catholic Church is not one of “full communion”. Now we’ll look at how they are a good example of a group with a cult mentality.

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Is the SSPX in schism from the Catholic Church?

Archbishop Lefebvre in 1981 - suspended even from hearing confessions barring an emergency

“For the pastoral benefit of these faithful, and trusting in the good will of their priests to strive with God’s help for the recovery of full communion in the Catholic Church, I have personally decided to extend this faculty beyond the Jubilee Year …”

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Eucharistic pronouns – It vs Him?

Eucharistic adoration at Saint Brigid of Kildare Church (Dublin, Ohio)

This week on Facebook, I observed someone being attacked for incorrect and disrespectful pronoun usage. The main topic was churches allowing the homeless poor to sleep in the pews at night. A definite no-no for some, with legitimate reasons either way. But this particular grammar episode became bizarre.

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Proof texting, the Bible, and the Church

Still life with Bible, Vincent van Gogh

Providing a quote from the Bible seems like a good thing if you’re trying to convince someone else about what the Bible teaches. But often enough, you get another verse back at you, without context. That’s proof texting.

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Remarriage and Communion

Pope Francis

Some time back I wrote a comment on Taylor Marshall’s blog. I’m putting my comment up here too now. My point was to argue that there are two separate issues that are often conflated.

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Shame on you – Adventists, dishonesty, and the Catholic Church

Jesus doesn't like lies being told about Christians.

Adventists have a reputation for their dishonesty, and not just among Catholics. Out there in real life and on the internet there is a huge collection of anti-Catholic propaganda waiting for gullible Catholics, and others, to ensnare them. When a Catholic meets a certain type of Adventist, this sort of propaganda abounds.

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The Forbidden Rite

The Tridentine Mass, by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter

“In 2007 the Vatican made an unprecedented decision. After over half a century of bitter conflict within the Church, an ancient, almost forbidden rite was finally unleashed. For some it was the beginning of the end. For others the battle had finally begun.” – Reclaiming the Sacred Productions

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The 10 Commandments and the New Law in Catholic teaching

Pope Pius XII

Here we look at Catholic explanations, showing that this concept of the 10 Commandments being part of the Old Covenant legal code, and therefore not the legal code in effect today, is indeed believed by Catholics and supported by Catholic teaching.

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Pope Francis, the Latin Mass, and elaborate ceremonies – updated

Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio SJ, 2008

Will Pope Francis suppress the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, allowing us only the Ordinary Form, thereby reversing the much-needed liturgical reform? He has that authority. He can bind and loose with the authority given to Peter. But I don’t believe he will.

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Pope Benedict feeding the fish at Castel Gandolfo

Pope Benedict in retirement

Pope Benedict also likes cats. Apparently Pope Paul VI had to be persuaded not to eat the frogs in this pond.

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How the new pope is elected

La Stampa has a lovely walk-through of how the new pope will be elected. Very educational. I didn’t know that the way things are done changes with the 34th ballot. Pope Benedict XVI changed the simple majority back to a 2/3 majority for all the ballots, though, so it could run well beyond 34.

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Pope Benedict XVI’s last pipatum


Pope Benedict made his last pipatum yesterday, 28 February. — “Thank you for your love and support. May you always experience the joy that comes from putting Christ at the centre of your lives.”

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Tu es Petrus

Thanksgiving Video for Life and Ministry of Pope Benedict XVI

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Pope Benedict’s final blessing

The final blessing: Pope Benedict’s last general audience

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Things the next Pope will not do

The Southern Cross, the weekly South African Catholic newspaper, has a letter and an article hoping for something that will not happen. … Abandon the Sign of the Cross? … Deus avertat! Hopefully they will recognise that we need another Pope Benedict. We need orthodoxy.

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Pope of the cats

Snowy with her sunblock smeared all over her head

Pope Benedict XVI is a cat lover. He even started an encyclical on cats, which he unfortunately never got round to finishing – it was to be his 25th encyclical.

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The 2005 Conclave – before and after

Pope Benedict XVI in 2010

I remember exactly where I was on the evening of Tuesday April 19 2005. I was in Parow, in a Pick ‘n Pay grocery store, near the frozen meat isle, and got a call from my mother. I was absolutely thrilled. The cardinal I had been inspired by for several years, and respected tremendously, and whom I hoped would be pope, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, was His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

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