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Catholicism is the original faith of the Apostles and early Christians, and a faith very much maligned by various anti-Catholic and fundamentalist groups.

This is a list of essays relevant to the Adventist (and Protestant) view of Catholicism and its teachings.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church

The Catechism of the Catholic Church – USCCB website

The Catechism of the Catholic Church – Vatican website

The Catholic Church in Adventist prophecy

Did the papacy really uproot the 3 horns of Daniel 7:8,24 ? … by Stephen Korsman

Was the Papacy founded in 538 AD? … by Matthew Newsome

Is the Pope in Daniel? – a critique of Adventist prophetic interpretation … by William Cork [Internet archive]

Vicarius Filii Dei – Vicar of the Son of God – imaginary title … Catholic Answers / New Advent [about 1/3 of the way down the page]  — “Since the average person, Catholic or Protestant, hasn’t the foggiest idea what the pope’s titles are in Latin or English, anti-Catholics (some of whom know better) can get away with this subterfuge.”

Bacchiocchi, 666, and Vicarius Filii Dei … by Stephen Korsman

Common myths about the Catholic Church

Catholic Myths – A Catholic Thinker

The Papacy

More Vicarius Thrills – the numbers of the beast and the men who flub them … by Patrick Madrid

Bacchiocchi, 666, and Vicarius Filii Dei … by Stephen Korsman

Michael Scheifler and Pope Vicarius II … by Stephen Korsman

Simon the stone, Peter the rock … by Stephen Korsman

Was Peter the first pope – part 1 … by Art Kelly

Was Peter the first pope – part 2 … by Art Kelly

Call no man your father … by Art Kelly

10 Answers on St. Peter the Rock  … Mario Derksen [also on the Internet Archive]

Answers to common Objections to the Papacy … Mario Derksen [also on the Internet Archive]

The Pope is the Antichrist?! – A Catholic Thinker

Peter & the Papacy – A Catholic Thinker

The Antichrist and the Fathers of the Church – Catholic Answers

Statues, idols, and the 10 Commandments

The use of statues, pictures, and other icons in worship … by Stephen Korsman

Just Who Did Change The Ten Commandments? … by Bob Stanley + Stephen Korsman

The Roman Catholic Church and the Decalogue … by Dr. Verle Streifling, an Evangelical Protestant [PDF]

Counting Commandments … Biblical Research Institute (an Adventist defence of the Catholic numbering)

Did you hear the one about Catholics worshiping statues? … by Patrick Madrid

Usenet debate: Statues and idols – Adventist desperation on Usenet … by Stephen Korsman

The biblical basis for relics … by Stephen Korsman

Explanation of the Ten Commandments … EWTN

Veneration of images … Catholic Encylopedia

Sacraments, or God reaching out through space and time … by Stephen Korsman


Is Easter Pagan? … by Stephen Korsman

Is Easter Christian? A reply to Samuele Bacchiocchi … by Stephen Korsman

Twitter discussion – an Easter Egg … by Stephen Korsman

Christmas is Christian … by Stephen Korsman

Should Tammuz and Nimrod determine Christian practice? … by Stephen Korsman

Is Catholicism Pagan? [Catholic Answers]

Catholicism and Paganism – A Catholic Thinker

Of Sunbursts, Baals, and Adventist Paranoia – proof that Catholicism isn’t pagan … Mario Derksen

Is “Easter” a pagan feast? … Orthodox Church in America

Calculating Christmas … by William J. Tighe

Christmas is Celebrated in Heaven and on Earth … Robert Clanton [Truth or Fables]

Why Dec. 25th? … by Joseph Kelly

Crucifixion and Resurrection timeline series
Part 1 – 3 days and 3 nights – from when till when?
Part 2 – On the THIRD day – getting it right
Part 3 – 3 days and 3 nights – timeline charts
Part 4 – When did Jesus die and rise from the dead?

Various anti-Catholic propaganda – observations and defences

Call no man father … by Stephen Korsman

Antichrist sign (Adventist) sparks free-speech holy war … at

An analysis of an essay by the Adventist pastor/sociologist Dr Frank Steyn … Stephen Korsman / Pastor Steyn

The Whore of Babylon and the Catholic Church … by John Hellman

Who is the whore of Babylon? … Scott Hahn, YouTube

The Whore of Babylon and the Book of Revelation … by Scott Hahn

Hunting the Whore of Babylon … Catholic Answers

The Whore of Babylon … Catholic Answers

More on the Whore of Babylon … by Stephen Korsman

The Da Vinci Code – Adventist Review … by Stephen Korsman

Those arrogant Apostles … by Stephen Korsman

More anti-Catholic billboards … by Stephen Korsman

Fraudulent anti-Catholic Adventist video … by Stephen Korsman

The 10 commandments in full … by Stephen Korsman

Prerequisites for a National Sunday law … by Stephen Korsman

Sola Scriptura and the Bible

How we know what the New Testament contains … by Stephen Korsman

Whose truth is the real truth, and how can we know? … or does Sola Scriptura work? … by Stephen Korsman

Proof texting, the Bible, and the Church … by Stephen Korsman

Twenty One Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura … by Joel Peters [also on the Internet Archive]

Myth: Catholic Church Prohibited Bible Reading … by John Hellman

The Catholic Church: On reading the Bible … by John Hellman – “A sampling of what the Catholic Church has taught about reading the Bible from the fourth century … until the present time.”

Bible reading prohibited??? … by John Hellman

Defending the Canon of the Bible – All 73 Books

How Different (In Nature and Ultimate Effect) Are SolO Scriptura and SolA Scriptura – Part 1 … by Dave Armstrong – a very clear analysis of the problems of Sola Scriptura

How Different (In Nature and Ultimate Effect) Are SolO Scriptura and SolA Scriptura – Part 2 … by Dave Armstrong

A series of discussions by Dave Armstrong – Sola Scriptura and the Deuterocanonical books of the Bible

Line upon line – interpreting the Bible … by Stephen Korsman


What Catholics Believe – Mary, the Virgin Mother of God … by Stephen Korsman

You are Theotokos, we are theotokoi … by Stephen Korsman

Was Jesus the son of Mary? … by Stephen Korsman

Mary, Mother of God … by Stephen Korsman

More on the Mother of God … by Stephen Korsman

Mary’s children … by Stephen Korsman

Jesus’ brothers and sisters … by Stephen Korsman

The Presentation of Jesus, The Purification of Mary … by Stephen Korsman

True Mother of God [Catholic Answers] … by St. John Damascene

Theotokoi … by Dan, at the Poser or Prophet blog

Come, Pray the Rosary – An online Rosary for participation in worldwide or individual prayer

The Mass

Videos of the Mass, various Rites

The Eucharist … by Scripture Catholic – a very thorough analysis

Understanding the Eucharist … by Scott Hahn

The Fourth Cup – The Sacrament of the Eucharist … by Scott Hahn

The Hunt for the Fourth Cup … by Scott Hahn

The Complete, Essential Guide to the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist … by Scott Smith:

Guide to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, aka the traditional Latin Mass … Sancta Missa website

The Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum … by Pope Benedict XVI

The Book of Hebrews chapter 10 tells us why we should attend Mass … by John Hellman

Liturgical dancing … Cardinal Arinze

Missing Sunday Mass a sin? … by Stephen Korsman

My Initial Doubts about the Latin Mass … by Dr Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Conversion and Converts

Testimony – Adventist converts to Maronite Catholic

Why Jews Are Better Off in the Catholic Church Than in the Jews for Jesus … Martin Barrack

Second Exodus – Israelite Origins of the Catholic Faith … Martin Barrack

From Prophetess to Pope – Conversion Story of Arthur and Teresa Beem

It’s Ok Not to be a Seventh-Day Adventist – book review by Stephen Korsman – book by Teresa and Arthur Beem

Dr. Beverly Whelton – The Journey Home … EWTN via Stephen Korsman

The Sabbath and the Catholic Church – Testimony of an ex-WCG member … by Dan Severino

A Story of Apostasy and Return … by Dennis Embo, ex-Worldwide Church of God

Turn about – Carl Olson’s conversion … via this blog

Adventist youth – the challenge of truth … by Stephen Korsman, link to Hugo Mendez

Dr Francis Beckwith comes home … via this blog

Waking Up Catholic, by Chad  Torgerson … book review by Stephen Korsman

Various other topics

Lutherans rediscover Purgatory … by Stephen Korsman

What is purgatory? … by Stephen Korsman

Purgatory? Where’s That in the Bible? … by Mark Shea

Purgatory … Catholic Answers

How To Explain Purgatory To Protestants … by James Akin

Limbo, or do dead babies go to hell? + debate … by Stephen Korsman

Anima Christi – a lovely prayer

Spurgeon: the faith that saves is not alone

Comments on infant baptism … by Stephen Korsman

Sal’s questions and answers – Sabbath, soul sleep, infant baptism … by Stephen Korsman

The Catholic origins of Democracy … via Stephen Korsman

Original sin and the Orthodox … by Stephen Korsman

Biblical proof the Jesus is God … by Dave Armstrong

Jesus died on 14 Nisan … by Stephen Korsman

Closed Communion and Catholic sacraments … by Stephen Korsman

Remarriage and Communion … by Stephen Korsman

Are you a moral relativist? … by Stephen Korsman

Should Catholics be pro or anti vaccination? … by Stephen Korsman

Why biological monogenism for humans is almost certain … by Stephen Korsman

The Lateran Council, the Universe, and Time’s Beginning … by Stephen Korsman

Not only did humans evolve from monkeys, but we ARE monkeys … by Stephen Korsman

Susan and Chad, the contrasting parish council couple … by Stephen Korsman

The Hermits of Westray withdraw from the Catholic Church … Stephen Korsman

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Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople

Eastern Christianity links

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General Unofficial Home Page of The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church … Eastern Christianity … Wikipedia Eastern and Oriental Parish listings, USA – Byzantine Catholic Church in America Common Declaration of Pope Benedict XVI and Patriarch Bartholomew I Theology Theosis … OrthodoxWiki Ellen White, Adventist prophetess, on the deification of man … by …

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The Sacrificial Lamb - Josefa de Ayala, ca 1670

What Catholics Believe

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This is a series of articles explaining what Catholics believe and why Introduction Sunday observance Mary, the Virgin Mother of God                     This is a project under development. More will be added in the future. Most people voted: I agreeYour reaction to this post: I agree ()Awesome ()Interesting ()I …

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Consecration - Elevation at Holy Mass

The Mass – video collection

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Here are some videos from YouTube of Catholic and Orthodox liturgies, known as the Mass / Divine Liturgy / Holy Qurbana Latin Rite Catholic Ordinary Form Mass, ad orientem (1:24:38) [Novus Ordo Mass for the Solemnity of St. Joseph (St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Macon, GA)] Extraordinary Form, Low Mass (51:17) [Low Mass] Extraordinary Form, …

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