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A sabbath commandment in Revelation?

Book of Revelation,"Worthy is the Lamb"

Adventists sometimes claim that Revelation shows sabbath keeping by Christians.

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Does the pope claim to be God on earth?

Pope Francis

Adventists, and other anti-Catholics, claim that popes have taught that they are God. Anyone who knows anything about the Catholic Church knows that the pope doesn’t consider himself to be God.

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Vicarius Filii Dei and 666

Pope Pius XII

Adventists like to present a fake papal title as evidence that the papacy is linked to the number 666 found in Revelation 13:18.

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Free ebook – Catholic Discussion of Seventh-day Adventism

Catholic Discussion of Seventh-day Adventism

It has been suggested to me over time that I write a book on Adventism. At last I’ve put together the more important posts from this blog into an ebook, which is free on this website and on Lulu, and minimally priced on Amazon.

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