John Salza on the SSPX and schism

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I’ve previously posted on the SSPX in Pinelands, Cape Town, and their shameful antics during the COVID pandemic.

Pints with Aquinas has a 3 hour 15 minute interview with John Salza on the topic of the SSPX and their schism. They discuss the sedevacantists as well.

Important questions are answered, and important aspects of the situation are addressed. It’s definitely worth listening to the entire thing, especially the first 2 hours on the SSPX situation.

Archbishop Lefebvre illicitly saying Mass in 1981 while suspended a divinis
Archbishop Lefebvre illicitly saying Mass in 1981 while suspended a divinis
  • Is the SSPX in schism?
  • Does the SSPX Mass satisfy the Sunday obligation?
  • Does granting of faculties by Pope Francis lift schism?
  • Are there other schismatics with the faculty to absolve sins and validly marry people?
  • Is SSPX doctrinally sound?
  • Do the SSPX reject any Catholic dogma or doctrine in theory, in practice, or both?
  • The SSPX priests pray for the pope and local bishop during the Mass. Does that make them in communion with the Catholic Church?
  • Are SSPX bishops and priests currently excommunicated?
  • Does refusal to attend licit diocesan Masses indicate refusal to be in communion?
  • Does the SSPX have a hierarchy that makes decisions apart from the leadership of the Church?
  • Did “supplied jurisdiction” apply to the SSPX priests, especially prior to Pope Francis granting them faculties to absolve sins validly?
  • Are the SSPX marriage tribunal’s existence, attitude, and practice marks of their schism?

Strong words against the SSPX from someone who himself is on the right wing fringe of the Catholic Church. The difference? He sticks with the Church despite his dislike for it today. The SSPX took the Protestant route.

Interestingly, Salza sees the “false church of tradition” going into schism in a large way as a potential interpretation of the false church or great apostasy predicted in various relatively modern prophecies like Fatima.

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