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Dishonesty in Seventh-day Adventism, Part 2 – Catholicism

Donkey, Boston Public Library

In Part 1 we looked at a striking and honest Adventist acknowledgement of the type of dishonesty that forms part of Adventist culture. Here we’ll look at specific common examples of how dishonest Adventists spread fake facts and fake history.

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Dishonesty in Seventh-day Adventism, Part 1 – Adventism

Adventist dishonesty according to Adventist Today

Adventist Today: “We have in this denomination nurtured a class of people who have little regard for verifiable truth. Some lie intentionally and boldly, such as those who altered that article and passed on the letter as factual. Of the rest, it is unclear to me whether they lack the ability to distinguish a spurious story from a true one, or just prefer to believe any bit of mythology that feeds their hunger for novelty, and affirms their fears. … They preferred titillating myths …”

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The Protestant Reformers and the Jewish sabbath

Luther and the sabbath

Some Adventists and sabbatarians like to claim that the reformers knew that keeping the sabbath was biblical, but they kept Sunday instead because the Holy Spirit hadn’t led them to that light yet. Other dishonest Adventists and sabbatarians like to quote Protestant “admissions” that there is no reason to observe Sunday and that the Bible teaches that we should be keeping the Saturday sabbath.

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