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Jesus entered the most holy place in 1844?

Ellen White

When Jesus failed to return in person in October 1844 (aka the Great Disappointment), after several failed calculation attempts by proto-Adventists, some of William Miller’s followers decided that 1844 just had another meaning. What really happened, they claimed, is that Jesus entered the Holy of Holies in order to finish the atonement for our sins.

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Commentary on Prophecy in the Bible

Pope Innocent III

What follows are two comments on the role of biblical prophecy in our modern era. One is from 2016; the first is from 2020.

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Is Donald Trump the little horn of Daniel 7?

US President Donald Trump

It is heartwarming indeed to see Adventists debate and reject their own church’s historical understanding of prophecy.

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Thus saith Ellen, part 4 – The 10 commandments

10 Commandments

These descriptions, given to Ellen White in a vision, prove that the vision was NOT given by God. If it was not given by God, who was it that gave Ellen this vision? And what was their agenda when highlighting the sabbath?

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Matthew 24 – The Olivet Prophecy

South Arabian Sabbath lamp

In Matt 24, Jesus outlines the events occurring at the end of the age. Does this mean the end of the world, sometime in the future? Probably not. Jesus specified that these events would happen in the lifetime of those he was speaking to – Matt 24:34. Furthermore, Jesus did indeed come at the end of an age, according to Heb 9:26 and 1 Cor 10:11 – and then God’s relationship with Israel ended with Israel being called a harlot, and the Old Covenant came to an end.

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The Prophecies of Daniel – Daniel 9

Daniel's 70 Weeks Prophecy Chart

The prophecy is this: 70 weeks until a messiah, or type of the Messiah, comes. From the command to restore and build Jerusalem till this messiah comes will be 7 weeks and 62 weeks. After 62 weeks this messiah will be cut off.

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The Prophecies of Daniel – Daniel 2

Nebuchadnezzar's image

The prophecy is this: Nebuchadnezzar saw an image in a dream. The image had the following characteristics: The head was made of gold; The chest and arms were made of silver; The belly and thighs were made of brass; The legs were made of iron, and the feet partly of iron and partly of clay. A stone hit the feet, and the image shattered. The stone grows and fills the earth.

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The Prophecies of Daniel – The little horns and Antiochus

Antiochus Epiphanes coin

Not everyone agrees as to whether the two little horns of Daniel 7 and Daniel 8 are the same entity. Some of the questions they ask are related to slight differences, especially the discrepancy between 2300 days and 3.5 years.

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The Prophecies of Daniel – Daniel 7

Daniel Chapter 7 Prophecy Chart

Here we continue looking at the prophecies of Daniel. The prophecy is this: Four beasts come out of the sea; the first beast – like a lion, and like a man

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The Prophecies of Daniel – Daniel 8

Daniel Chapter 8 Prophecy Chart

Here we continue looking at the prophecies of Daniel. The prophecy is this: A ram, with two horns – one horn appearing first, and the next horn to appear was higher than the first. The ram pushed west, north, and south.

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The Prophecies of Daniel – Introduction

Daniel's Answer to the King

I’ve decided to write up an interpretation of the prophecies of Daniel, which I’ve read up on recently. Previously, I debunked the common Adventist claim about the little horn being the papacy, which supposedly uprooted the Vandals, Ostrogoths, and Heruli by 538 AD.

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Pope invades another country!

SMOM ex-Head of State, Matthew Festing

Pope Francis has demanded and obtained the resignation of the head of another sovereign state, and will appoint his own temporary supervisor until the state elects a new head of state approved by the pope.

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A Catholic understanding of St John’s Revelation

John's Vision of Heaven

Previously I was asked about my understanding of the end times and the correct interpretation of Revelation.

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Religious Hardtalk – Adventism in Jamaica

Religious Hardtalk - Elce 'Thunder' Lauriston

Elce ‘Thunder’ Lauriston, an Adventist evangelist in Jamaica, left Adventism and gives his story at Religious Hardtalk.

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Adventism cannot be the true remnant church

Picture of a random baby off WikiMedia Commons

Adventism claims to be the chosen remnant church, called out of the rest of Christianity. The identifying sign of the remnant, according to Adventism, is that they keep all 10 commandments. They don’t. Officially, Adventism condones abortion. That means, officially, Adventism cannot be the true remnant they claim to be.

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What Catholics Believe – Sunday observance

The Resurrection of Christ

Catholics (and most other Christians) believe Sunday is a special day to be celebrated, because it is the day Jesus rose from the dead. The Jews kept the Sabbath on Saturday, and this is reflected in the 10 Commandments. However, only the moral code of the Old Testament is applicable to Christians – we don’t need to sacrifice animals, keep Passover, Yom Kippur, or the Sabbath, and we are free from the dietary restrictions as well.

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Ellen White’s inspiration on a par with the Bible

Ellen White

The statement “the quality or degree of inspiration in the writings of Ellen White is different from that of Scripture” is one the Ellen G White Estate does not believe.

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Adventist prophecy limited to the West

Daniel's Answer to the King

A few interesting comments on Adventism and prophecy …

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The return of Christ

St Ambrose by Giovanni di Piamonte, ca 1456

We ask for what reason our Lord was unwilling to state the time of His coming (cf. Mk. 13:31-32). If we ask it, we shall not find it is owing to ignorance, but to wisdom. For it was not to our advantage to know; in order that we being ignorant of the actual moments of judgment to come, might ever be as it were on guard, and set on the watch-tower of virtue, and so avoid the habits of sin; lest the day of the Lord should come upon us in the midst of our wickedness.

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The 3 horns and the Ostrogoths

Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna, Italy

A good point on the 3 horns and the Ostrogoths that I never noticed before was brought to my attention in a recent e-mail.

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