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Where does the Bible say …

Where in the Bible?

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The end of the Novena

I should note that requesting the prayers of deceased non-Catholics is not the norm, and that non-Catholics are not canonised as saints in the Catholic Church. If Ellen White is in heaven, we do not know, but we can hope and pray that she is. If she is, she will be praying with us. If not, God hears our prayers – cf Romans 8:26. This is therefore a private devotion, not one officially sanctioned by the Church, which I have shared with you.

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Novena for Adventists – Day 9 – The Saints of the Church

Today we pray for Adventism, that its members may share the faith of the Saints of the Church, and share in their glory in heaven with Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, the Apostles, the Patriarchs, and all the Saints of God. We pray, on the eve of Ellen White’s birthday, that her teachings diminish and the teachings of Christ through his Church increase. We ask Ellen, along with all the angels and saints, to pray with us for this blessing.

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Novena for Adventists – Day 8 – The Mass

Today we pray for Adventism, which condemns the Lord’s Supper as pagan and idolatrous, not able to recognise the Body of Christ in the Eucharist, not willing to recognise the biblical pattern of each action and phrase used, out of fear and suspicion. We pray that they come to see what Christians since the first century have seen, and believe what has been believed by Christians for nearly 2000 years.

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Novena for Adventists – Day 7 – The Sabbath

Today we pray for Adventism, which teaches rest on the 7th day, and objects when we celebrate Christ’s resurrection on the 8th day. We pray that they may discover that their rest is in Christ, that we are not bound by days that were signs of the Old Covenant, that they may commemorate the new creation in Christ, instead of the old creation in Adam, and that they may celebrate our exodus from sin and not just Israel’s exodus from Egypt.

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Novena for Adventists – Day 6 – Soul Sleep

Today we pray for Adventism, who deny the spirit of man. Instead of believing in a heaven filled with saints praising God, to them, we are alone, with no living cloud of witnesses to pray for their fellow Christians on earth. We pray that they come to understand the biblical teaching that our fellow-believers have indeed become spirits made perfect, and that we praise God united with them.

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Novena for Adventists – Day 5 – The Dietary Laws of Moses

Today we pray for Adventism, which teaches its followers to try to live according to selected laws of the Old Covenant. There were many health-related laws under the Old Covenant, but these are not used by Adventism. Dietary laws were symbolic, and Peter was shown one aspect of the symbolism in vision. It is not our diet that God is pleased with, it is our heart. We pray that God reveal this to the followers of Adventism.

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Novena for Adventists – Day 4 – False Prophecies

Today we pray for Adventism, which has, several times, set dates for the return of Christ, and has followed a prophetess whose prophecies were not in harmony with the Bible, and turned out to be false prophecies. May the realisation of this fact bring them closer to the truth.

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Novena for Adventists – Day 3 – Persecution

Today we pray for Adventism, whose theology of the Sabbath leads them to feel persecuted by other faiths, which in turn leads them to fear and distance themselves from other Christians. We hope that they may find a sense of belonging and identity in the Christian community, the communion of saints, without having to find that sense of belonging and identity from a sense of persecution.

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Novena for Adventists – Day 2 – The Investigative Judgement

Today we pray for Adventism, which teaches strange doctrines not known to the original Christian faith. Jesus was said to be returning in 1843, and later 1844, and when he failed, the doctrine of the Investigative Judgement was developed to cover up that error in predicting Jesus’ return. May God lead them to realise that many of their teachings are found neither in the Bible, nor in the original faith of the Apostles, and, in fact, contradict them.

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Novena for Adventists – Day 1 – Anti-Catholic Teachings

Today we pray for Adventism, that it might see the light and truth it rejects in the Catholic faith it despises. Many within their fold fear the Catholic faith, despise it, and speak against it, not fully comprehending its beauty and faithfulness to the truth contained in the Bible. May God soften their hearts so that they may see the love we share, and the glory we give God in our lives and in our worship.

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A Novena for Adventists

Novena - Introduction

In the Nine Days leading up to the 179th anniversary of the birth of Adventist prophetess Ellen White, we will say a novena – a prayer continued for nine days – for those who follow her teachings today.

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Bacchiocchi’s response to the Gregorian debate

Today Bacchiocchi published the first part of his response to their allegations in his Endtime Issues newsletter number 159, which can be found on his website. In the next, I hope to see his explanation of a) the imprimatur, b) the continued use of the imprimatur on an edition for which it was not obtained, c) the use of the name of Gregorian University Press on newer editions in a way that looks official, and d) evidence of the initial publication by them.

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Anti-EGW websites

White-tailed gnu (Black wildebeest)

Dale Ratzlaf has a response to Adventist Elder Jud Lake’s attack on anti-EGW websites. The PDF is available here.

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Ex-Adventist website shut down

Ellen White

Pastor Mark Martin: Apparently our website is making such an impact on Adventism that it has come under legal scrutiny and this past month the SDA Church threatened us if we do not change the address of our site. In the interest of seeing the gospel go forward, we have changed our website to:

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Lutherans rediscover Purgatory

An Angel Frees the Souls of Purgatory - Ludovico Carracci

Lutheran and Roman Catholic members of the dialogue “concurred that prayers for the dead have their basis in Scripture and tradition, and that heaven is not a place of rejoicing individually in the Lord but of our being ‘together’ with him and with one another in joyful communion,” said the Rev. James Massa, executive director, USCCB Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs.

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