April 2016 archive

Ecclesiastes and the dead

Icon of the Resurrection

Ecclesiastes can’t be used to say that there is no consciousness after death, because the author, Solomon, explicitly states that he does not know.

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Is tithing biblical?


Adventists believe tithing is a biblical requirement.

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Religious Hardtalk – Adventism in Jamaica

Religious Hardtalk - Elce 'Thunder' Lauriston

Elce ‘Thunder’ Lauriston, an Adventist evangelist in Jamaica, left Adventism and gives his story at Religious Hardtalk.

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Col 2:16 – a weekly sabbath reference or not? Part 2

Full moon, NASA

Several times in the Old Testament, and twice in the New Testament, we see Israel’s holy days listed in various time-based sequences, usually from frequent to infrequent (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, multi-annual). Not every list covers all 5 frequencies, but you see that they are listed in a logical order.

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