Adventist teachings

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James and Ellen White

James and Ellen White


How to say Adventism, and their 28th Fundamental Belief

Does Adventism teach a deficient Gospel?

Galatians 4: Adventists are Hagar, Christians are Sarah

Are Adventists really Christian? Are they authentic Trinitarians?

When did Adventism lose the truth?

The original Adventists

Line upon line – interpreting the Bible

Why bother with Adventism?

Orthodox, Catholics, and Adventism

Modern vs. Postmodern Adventism

“Questions on Doctrine”

The South African Great Disappointment – Adventism and racism in South Africa

A positive Adventist experience of Catholicism

God reaching out through space and time – guest post on an Adventist blog

God’s visible grace – guest post on an Adventist blog

Serbians and Adventism

Adventism and the ordination of women

Is tithing biblical?

Adventism and blind people

Adventist “Responsive Reading” is Catholic in origin

The Truth About Seventh-day Adventist “Truth” … Dale Ratzlaf [PDF, Internet archive]

Take the SDA Truth Challenge …

Free ebook – Catholic Discussion of Seventh-day Adventism

Nebuchadnezzar's image

Daniel 2 Explained, adapted from FreeBibleImages, CC BY-NC 4.0

Adventism and prophecy

Did the papacy really uproot the 3 horns of Daniel 7:8,24 ?

The 3 horns and the Ostrogoths

Refuting an Adventist theory without providing a replacement theory

Daniel series:

  1. Introduction
  2. Daniel chapter 8
  3. Daniel chapter 7
  4. The little horns and Antiochus
  5. Daniel chapter 2
  6. Daniel chapter 9
  7. Matthew 24 – The Olivet Prophecy

Was the Papacy founded in 538 AD? … by Matthew Newsome [here via the Internet Archive]

Is the Pope in Daniel? – a critique of Adventist prophetic interpretation … by William Cork [Internet archive]

Vicarius Filii Dei – Vicar of the Son of God – imaginary title … Catholic Answers / New Advent [about 1/3 of the way down the page] — Since the average person, Catholic or Protestant, hasn’t the foggiest idea what the pope’s titles are in Latin or English, anti-Catholics (some of whom know better) can get away with this subterfuge.”

Samuele Bacchiocchi and HH Pope Benedict XVI

Adventist prophecy limited to the West

Seventh-day Adventists and 666

Bacchiocchi, 666, and Vicarius Filii Dei

Michael Scheifler and Pope Vicarius II

Whore of Babylon

The day and hour

Bible Quiz – the day and hour of Jesus return

Is Jesus in the “secret chambers”?

Day of Atonement in 1844

Pope Francis and the microchip

Eternal Gospel Church

Eternal Gospel Church

Anti-Catholic propaganda

Adventist anti-Catholic hatred is alive and well

The Da Vinci Code – Adventist Review

Adventist “Antichrist” sign sparks free-speech holy war … at

More anti-Catholic billboards

Fraudulent anti-Catholic Adventist video

Pope Francis does not have an Adventist brother

Pope Francis – Jesus’ failure on the cross?

Just Who Did Change The Ten Commandments? … by Bob Stanley + Stephen Korsman

Counting the 10 Commandments

Displaying the 10 Commandments

The 10 commandments in full

What is the ministry of death?

Loyal Adventists and the Pope

The 10 Commandments and the New Law in Catholic teaching

Adventists make a graven image

Dishonesty in Seventh-day Adventism, Part 1 – Adventism

Dishonesty in Seventh-day Adventism, Part 2 – Catholicism

The Roman Catholic Church and the Decalogue … by Dr. Verle Streifling, an Evangelical Protestant [PDF]

Counting Commandments … Biblical Research Institute (an Adventist defence of the Catholic numbering)

More Vicarius Thrills – the numbers of the beast and the men who flub them … by Patrick Madrid

Bacchiocchi, 666, and Vicarius Filii Dei

Michael Scheifler and Pope Vicarius II

Of Sunbursts, Baals, and Adventist Paranoia – proof that Catholicism isn’t pagan … by Mario Derksen

The Whore of Babylon and the Catholic Church … by John Hellman

Angry ant

Angry ant

Falsehoods about the Catholic Church

How to study Adventism and Catholicism – an example … by Bob Stanley

Adventist dishonesty in the way they present the Catholic faith

Shame on you – Adventists, dishonesty, and the Catholic Church

Dishonest Adventists

The use of statues, pictures, and other icons in worship

Adventist desperation on Usenet – Statues and idols

Constantine, the Papacy, and the real origins of Sunday

Who changed the Sabbath?

Who changed the Sabbath: Adventist misquoting

Socrates and Sozomen on Christian observance of the Sabbath

Did Constantine found the Catholic Church?

Vicarius Filii Dei and 666

Does the pope claim to be God on earth?

Did Catholics change the Bible?

Icon of the Resurrection

Icon of the Resurrection

Adventist holy days and Christian holy days

Christian holy days – a gift to Jesus

What Catholics Believe – Sunday observance

Is Easter Pagan?

Is Easter Christian? A reply to Samuele Bacchiocchi

Is “Easter” a pagan feast? … Orthodox Church in America

Should Adventists celebrate the Resurrection with the rest of Christianity?

The Passover of the Jews

Jewish holy days fulfilled

Adventist Lent

Adventist Christmas

Calculating Christmas … by William J. Tighe

Christmas is Celebrated in Heaven and on Earth … Robert Clanton [Truth or Fables]

Why Dec. 25th? … by Joseph Kelly [Internet Archive link]

Dating Christmas

Christmas is not pagan

Christmas is Christian

Should Tammuz and Nimrod determine Christian practice?

When was the Day of Atonement in 1844?

3 days and 3 nights – from when till when?

Adventism and blind people

Christian Halloween

The state of the dead, or Soul sleep

The tomb of Jesus

The tomb of Jesus, adriatikus, WikiMedia Commons

Adventists believe that at death, a human becomes unconscious, and remains so until the end of time, when Christ raises the dead back to life, some to be annihilated in fire, some to life forever in God’s Kingdom. But this is not the biblical view of the state of the dead.

Soul sleep – are the dead alive in heaven, or not?

And no man hath ascended up to heaven

Paradise vs Heaven

Ecclesiastes and the dead

You will be with me in paradise today

Soul sleep feedback

Soul sleep and Seventh Day Adventism … by Mario Derksen [also on the Internet Archive]

The Biblical Doctrine of Everlasting Punishment for the Wicked (contra Michael Scheifler) … by Mario Derksen [Internet archive]

An Examination of Conditional Immortality, Soul Sleep, and Annihilationism … by Phil Porvaznik [Internet archive]

The Bible disproves soul sleep … Ecclesia Triumphans [Internet archive]

Seven Kinds of Ghosts (Revised) … by Bro. Ignatius Mary, OLSM

Absent from the body, present with the Lord – What does Paul teach in 2 Corinthians? … Dale Ratzlaf

A Dead Doctrine? … Dale Ratzlaf [PDF, Proclamation 2001, May/June edition, page 2]

Re-thinking life after death … Jerry Gladston [PDF, Proclamation 2001, May/June edition, page 4]

The Nature of Man and Death … Verle Streifling [PDF, Proclamation 2001, May/June edition, page 10]

Sal’s questions and answers – Sabbath, soul sleep, infant baptism

What Ancient Jews Really Believed About the Afterlife … by Jimmy Akin

What Josephus Really Said About Reincarnation … by Jimmy Akin

Hickory smoked barbecue bacon

Hickory smoked barbecue bacon

Diet and alcohol

Clean and unclean meat, part 1

Clean and unclean meat, part 2

Bible Quiz: Are unclean meats still unclean for Christians?

Debate about Old Testament food laws … Stephen Korsman vs “Annie” Adventist

Why a bishop may not drink grape juice

Vegetarianism and Adventism

Wine and Adventism – an admission

Alcohol content of Coke

Adventists and Abortion

Abortion and Seventh-day Adventism

Adventism cannot be the true remnant church

Adventist abortion is the healing ministry of Jesus

Partial birth abortion

Adventists and abortion – updated again


Infant baptism

Baptism by immersion only?

Laughable arguments – baptism, immersion, and Adventists

Bible Quiz – Baptism by Immersion

Jesus – God or not?

Is Jesus God? Part 1

Is Jesus God? Part 2

Is Jesus God? Part 3

The Divinity of Christ, for Jehovah’s Witnesses and others

Biblical proof the Jesus is God … by Dave Armstrong

The Bible and the Clear Word “Bible”

The Clear Word Bible

The Clear Word Bible: Is It Really the Word of God? … by Dale Ratzlaff and Verle Streifling

Seventh-day Adventists are tampering with the Word of God! … by Dale Ratzlaff [Internet archive]

Adventist pastor – Bible contains truth, but also “opinion”

Adventist pastor gives an example of uninspired statements by Paul in the Bible

Adventist Church: “Bible not true”

Adventists changing the Bible?

Where does the Bible say …

Whose truth is the real truth, and how can we know?

Quiz: What is the pillar and foundation of truth for Christians?

The Law of God vs the Law of Moses

Ellen Gould White, prophetess

Ellen Gould White is a very important figure in the Adventist church. To many Adventists, she is a prophetess who was given a revelation by God. But did she really get her visions from God? Did she really write her own books? Are her teachings and prophecies in agreement with biblical principles? And what else did she teach that concerns modern Christians?

Ellen White's signature

Ellen White’s signature

Albigensians, Waldensians, and Ellen White

Adventist Review’s indirect admission of Ellen White’s errors regarding the Albigensians and Waldenses

The animal origins of non-white people

Ellen White’s inspiration on a par with the Bible

Call no man Father? Tell Ellen White!

Thus saith Ellen – article series

Seventh-day Adventists and 666 … by Bob Stanley

Following the False Prophet … by Bob Stanley

The day and hour – Ellen White

Worshipping Ellen White, Bacchiocchi, and the Catholic Church

Ellen G. White Research Project – Free Information, Books, Articles, and Letters about the Adventist Prophet

Ellen White’s Plagiarism of Apocrypha and Fiction – EGW Research Project

Ellen G. White – Prophet or Pretender? …

Wikipedia entry

An e-mail from Ellen White (!) … to Stephen Korsman

Legal attack on The Ellen White Research Project

Update: Ex-Adventist website shut down

Ellen White: Women have less vital force than men

Ellen White on the deification of man

Ellen White icon discovered!

A Novena for Adventists

A Novena for Adventists
Day 1 – Saturday 18th November – Anti-Catholic teachings
Day 2 – Sunday 19th November – The Investigative Judgement
Day 3 – Monday 20th November – Persecution
Day 4 – Tuesday 21st November – False Prophecies
Day 5 – Wednesday 22nd November – The Dietary Laws of Moses
Day 6 – Thursday 23rd November – Soul Sleep
Day 7 – Friday 24th November – The Sabbath
Day 8 – Saturday 25th November – The Mass
Day 9 – Sunday 26th November – The Saints of the Church
The end of the Novena

Samuele Bacchiocchi

Samuele Bacchiocchi and the Gregorian controversy – 11-part series discussing Bacchiocchi’s claims regarding his book, “From Sabbath to Sunday”

Bacchiocchi’s thesis – the Gregorian Controversy, May 6, 2006
Allegations regarding Bacchiocchi’s dissertation, October 26, 2006
Bacchiocchi’s current crisis, October 27, 2006
Which chapter did Sam publish?, October 28, 2006
Bacchiocchi – images of his diploma and medal, October 31, 2006, 10:27 pm
Bacchiocchi’s response to the Gregorian debate, November 14, 2006, 10:37 pm
Second part of Bacchiocchi’s response, December 7, 2006, 8:36 pm
Latest update on Bacchiocchi, December 24, 2006, 2:35 am
If Gregorian is wrong, December 24, 2006, 4:06 am
Detailed Bacchiocchi analysis on the XCG blog, January 1, 2007, 7:47 pm
The Gregorian responds, March 9, 2007, 10:46 pm

Bacchiocchi – Some things Paul wrote are unacceptable

Bacchiocchi on the 58th General Conference

Dies Domini – a response to Samuele Bacchiocchi

Bacchiocchi: When did Adventism lose the truth?

Bacchiocchi, 666, and Vicarius Filii Dei

Worshipping Ellen White, Bacchiocchi, and the Catholic Church

The 4th Commandment and Bacchiocchi

Obama and half an antichrist

Is Easter Christian? A reply to Samuele Bacchiocchi

Samuele Bacchiocchi and HH Pope Benedict XVI

Samuele Bacchiocchi, requiescas in pace

Wikipedia entry

Converts from Adventism / Sabbatarianism

Testimony – Adventist converts to Maronite Catholic

From Prophetess to Pope – Conversion Story of Arthur and Teresa Beem

It’s Ok Not to be a Seventh-Day Adventist – book review by Stephen Korsman – book by Teresa and Arthur Beem

Dr. Beverly Whelton – The Journey Home … EWTN via Stephen Korsman

True Faith – a website run by ex-Adventists who became Serbian Orthodox

The Sabbath and the Catholic Church – Testimony of an ex-WCG member … by Dan Severino

Letter of Resignation from the Seventh-day Adventist church … by Tesa and Arthur Beem

Former SDA Pastor, Greg Taylor’s complete “Manifesto” … by Greg Taylor [PDF]

Adventist youth – the challenge of truth, link to Hugo Mendez

Testimony of an ex-Adventist #3 … entering the Catholic Church

Testimony of an ex-Adventist #4 … became Catholic

Testimony of an ex-Adventist #5 … became Catholic

Dr. Fred Mazzaferri – 5 essays on Adventist theology [PDF]

Dr. Fred Mazzaferri writes this brief series of instructive essays for us from Australia. He gained his PhD at Scotland’s conservative University of Aberdeen in 1986, following a fruitful career in telecommunications. He specialises in the rather enigmatic Book of Revelation. He has further qualified to pen such critiques through his extensive knowledge of the Seventh-day Adventist Church gained in close personal contact with its extremely self-destructive turmoils in recent decades. Hence his keen interest in assisting both lay and professional Christians in transition from sectarian organisations.

Printing of these PDF files: Please note that they are on A4 size paper, and if you want to print them on Letter-sized paper, commonly used in the USA and elsewhere, you should reduce their size when printing. This can be done by checking the “Fit to page” option.

1. Seventh-day Adventism’s Dogma of an Investigative Judgement through Ellen White’s eyes

2. “Signs of the Time” – How Biblical is Seventh-day Adventism’s Historicist Interpretation of Jesus’ Olivet Discourse?

3. The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan: How Biblical is Ellen White’s Major Integrating Theme?

4. One furnace too many: Ellen White garbles her own theology of the pre-Advent time of trouble

5. Not a single drop of martyr blood? The crisis of confidence threatening Ellen White’s devotees

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