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Catholic extremism and the coming American Schism

Carlo Maria Vigano in 2013

I think the Valli article is a gross misrepresentation of Pope Francis, to the point of either deliberate ignorance or blatant dishonesty. It’s one more step down the slippery slope to nothing. Pope Francis recently commented on those who turned away from the Church after disagreeing with an ecumenical council. My favourites – “Pope” Michael was elected pope by his parents and neighbours. “Pope” Gregory XVII reduced the Mass to 5 minutes (offertory, consecration, communion) so they say Mass 12x/hour until they’re tired. God granted a special dispensation to one of the conclavist “popes” to have multiple wives.

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SSPX: “Rome without a pope. Bergoglio is there, but not Peter.”

Rome without a pope - SSPX News 2021-02-26

“Rome without a pope. Bergoglio is there, but not Peter.” That was the title of an article on the SSPX News website on 26 February 2021. “You are not authorized to access this page.” UPDATE 28 Feb: The article is now publicly accessible. Most likely accidentally published and then withdrawn until now. The page is …

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Catholicism and COVID-19 update, Feb 2021

Spiritual blackmail

A few important COVID-related topics have arisen lately, and I want to add some links here to intelligent commentary on them.
Vaccines and “remote cooperation with evil”
Religious and spiritual blackmail / manipulation
99% survival and vaccines being 90% effective

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Holy Calendar

Good News about Saturday

You get religious groups who think the most important thing God wants us to do is to study to find the correct calendar (God’s True Calendar) and then observe it meticulously.
Calendar cults. That’s what they are.
Somehow I ended up in a Facebook group with some of these people. I decided to play a prank. I’d pretend to love the calendar, and I’d go just a little bit further than they usually did in praising it. This is what happened.

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