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Blog rules and ToS

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This is my blog, and I decide what gets posted and what doesn’t.

Comments will be censored.  If you are polite and disagree charitably, your comments will be approved.  I may or may not have the time to engage in lengthy debates on this blog, but I will try to answer sincere questions or disagreements.  Ultimately it will come down to your interpretation of the Bible versus my interpretation of the Bible – that is the ultimate realisation I hope for for most discussions.

Rude comments, or comments accusing Catholicism falsely in an uncharitable manner, will sometimes be posted to make an example of the poster.  Sometimes as a separate post.  If you e-mail me directly with this sort of thing, you, by e-mailing me, submit your name for use on this blog.  The ruder your e-mail, the more of your name I will use.

Off-topic comments will seldom be approved, with the topic being determined by a) the blog post commented on, and b) me.  And all this depends on how I feel at the time.

WordPress has add-ons for tracking my site’s usage.  So does Google.  I use both.  My interest is in which countries people visit from, and which pages get visited, and such things.  I do not collect or sell IP addresses or e-mail addresses.

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