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Tu es Petrus

Thanksgiving Video for Life and Ministry of Pope Benedict XVI

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Pope Benedict’s final blessing

The final blessing: Pope Benedict’s last general audience

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Things the next Pope will not do

The Southern Cross, the weekly South African Catholic newspaper, has a letter and an article hoping for something that will not happen. … Abandon the Sign of the Cross? … Deus avertat! Hopefully they will recognise that we need another Pope Benedict. We need orthodoxy.

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Pope of the cats

Snowy with her sunblock smeared all over her head

Pope Benedict XVI is a cat lover. He even started an encyclical on cats, which he unfortunately never got round to finishing – it was to be his 25th encyclical.

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Samuele Bacchiocchi and the Gregorian controversy

A controversy arise, initiated by me, disputing his claims. The Gregorian University initially disputed all of the above. Later they were shown to be wrong on some important points, but several matters still remain unresolved, and unfortunately are perpetuated in Adventist / Sabbatarian circles, and in copies of his book.

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23 Catholic Churches

The 23 Rites / Churches sui iuris of the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church consists, currently, of 23 different Churches sui iuris. “Sui iuris” means autonomous, although all are united under the leadership of the Pope. Each Church is known as a particular Church, and the Pope, in addition to being leader of all 23, also has the authority over the Latin Church that the Patriarchs have over their sui iuris Churches. All except the Latin Church are Eastern Churches. Not all Churches have Patriarchs – some have Major Archbishops, some Metropolitans, and the rest have hierarchs with other names. They all have their own liturgies, known by various names such as Mass (in the West), Divine Liturgy, Holy Qurbana, and others.

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The 2005 Conclave – before and after

Pope Benedict XVI in 2010

I remember exactly where I was on the evening of Tuesday April 19 2005. I was in Parow, in a Pick ‘n Pay grocery store, near the frozen meat isle, and got a call from my mother. I was absolutely thrilled. The cardinal I had been inspired by for several years, and respected tremendously, and whom I hoped would be pope, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, was His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

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Can men have opinions on abortion?

I’m not a woman who has suffered abuse, but I have an opinion on domestic abuse. I’m not a man, but I have an opinion on funding for prostate cancer research. I’m not a slave, but I have an opinion on human trafficking. I’m not a soldier or live in a war zone, but I have an opinion on Canadian military engagement. I’m not an Aboriginal person, but I have an opinion on the Idle No More movement.

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The Atheists’ Pope

Though I’d read work by other Christians who laid out compelling cases for their beliefs, there was something about Pope Benedict’s particular style that reminded me of the people I knew growing up. Many times I thought that if my father and his scientist friends were to become believers and explain why they believed, this is what it would look like. When I read the Holy Father’s encyclicals, speeches, and books, I didn’t feel so lost in the Christian world anymore. I learned what it means to have faith, and I saw anew that faith and reason are two sides of the same coin.

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From Prophetess to Pope – Conversion Story of Arthur and Teresa Beem

It's Ok Not to be a Seventh-Day Adventist

Arthur and Teresa Beem are ex-Adventists who became Catholic. They have a book, which I blogged on previously and I will eventually move that post to this new blog. Very, very good and insightful book.
They have two blogs which I highly recommend.

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Pope St Celestine V

Pope Benedict's pallium on the tomb of Pope St Celestine V

On 28 April 2009, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI left his pallium lying on the tomb of Pope St Celestine V. At the time there was speculation that this indicated that Pope Benedict XVI would follow in the footsteps of Pope St Celestine V. Pope St Celestine V resigned on 13 December 1294. He had been pope for 5 months. There was no pope for two years prior to that – the election that resulted in him becoming pope took 27 months. 11 Cardinals participated in the election.

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Pope Benedict’s resignation

This is a very sad day for the Catholic Church, but it was inevitable that his reign come to an end. He has been a tremendous force in bringing the Church back in line, and turning people back to God. I don’t think he will lose his status as my favourite pope. He is my 4th pope – I was born in the reign of Pope Paul VI, who was followed by Pope John Paul I, and then Pope John Paul II.

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Blog and website transition

Mother of God of Vladimir, a 12th century icon

This blog is the new home for my website. Website articles have moved here. Old blog entries will move across slowly. Comments for old articles imported here have been turned off.

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Comments on old posts

As I move my essays and old blog posts onto this forum, I will not be activating comments on the old material. Posts dated Feb 2013 onwards will have comments open, unless there is no point in doing so.

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Defending the Canon of the Bible – All 73 Books

One common dispute against the Catholic Church by well meaning but misinformed Protestants is the assertion that the Catholic Church “added” books to the Bible. As it is commonly known, Protestant Bibles only contain 66 books, as they do not include Sirach, Baruch, Judith, Tobit, Wisdom, 1 and 2 Maccabees, as well as parts of …

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