December 2016 archive

Does Adventism teach a deficient Gospel?

James and Ellen White

In the recent discussions with Adventists I’ve started to realise that Saturday observance, in the way modern sabbatarians teach it, is actually more than just a theological difference, more than just a minor error. It’s a complete defect in the nature of the New Covenant.

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Why Sunday is an improvement on the sabbath

Icon of the Resurrection

With no weekly 7th day sabbath under the New Covenant, Christians chose the most important day of the week to hold as special – Sunday, the day Jesus rose from the dead.

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Christian holy days – a gift to Jesus

Midnight Mass 2012

Adventists, and others, dislike the way the Catholic Church has set aside various days of the year for celebrating Jesus Christ. They label such things as “pagan” even if they aren’t pagan at all. (The word “pagan” is a synonym for “Catholic” amongst many of this crowd, irrespective of actual religious origins of any practice or teaching.)

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