December 2005 archive

Displaying the 10 Commandments

10 Commandments

The Adventist Review online newsletter (AR In Touch) reports on a decision by an American court that the display of the Ten Commandments is constitutional. It’s not something I’ve followed much – it’s really just a bunch of silly people trying to inflict a revisionist “history” on the reasonable American.

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The biblical basis for relics

Karl Keating’s website, Catholic Answers, has a good article on relics and why they are not some sort of mystical nonsense invented by Catholics or adopted from pagans. Quite biblical in fact. This refers back to a recent post commenting on Bacchiocchi’s latest newsletter.

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Father Claus

Pope Benedict XVI wearing a camauro

The German-born Pope delighted the crowds at his weekly audience by wearing a red velvet cap trimmed with white fur along with his scarlet cape as he drove around the square.

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Merry Christmas!

Worshipping Ellen White

In his latest Endtime Issues (#141,) Samuele Bacchiocchi again criticises the papal stand on moral issues, and the commitment of Catholics to the support of Catholic moral teaching. It looks like moral strength is a sign of the end-time evil power. Or so many Adventists would have us believe.

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Adventist Christmas

Midnight Mass 2012

Sadly, some Adventists do not celebrate Christmas. They associate it with Catholicism, and therefore consider it to be a corrupt expression of our Christian faith. … I wish all Adventists and non-Adventists a very blessed Christmas this 25 December – the sending of Our Lord – as they celebrate the Incarnation.

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Adventist desperation on Usenet – Statues and idols

Grumpy woman

People like Andrew spend their time so grossly and dishonestly misrepresenting Catholicism, that the end result is that they misrepresent their own denomination by giving the false impression that Adventists are unscrupulous, and will stoop to incredible depths to attack other faiths. Ultimately, this only serves to benefit Catholicism – the only people who remain to take his side are equally unscrupulous characters, leaving the rest disgusted, and with a better understanding of what Catholicism really believes and practices.

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