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The Latin Mass in Africa – contacts

Consecration - Elevation at Holy Mass

I went to Mass here in Umtata tonight. This time they said the creed. Communion was via the “take and dip” method, with no extraordinary minister of the Eucharist assisting – the chalice was on the altar, the priest down below. Interestingly, half the congregation didn’t self-communicate. And at least they said the creed this time.

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Those arrogant Apostles

Donkey, Boston Public Library

The letter you see above is a parody of Roland Martin’s letter, written by me, to depict what an early dissenter from the Apostolic faith may have said back then.

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The Book of Common Prayer printed by John Baskerville

My second post at Re-Inventing the Adventist Wheel has just gone online. It is entitled “God reaching out through space and time” and deals with sacraments, hoping to explain in less mystifying terms, and more in terms of Adventists’ experience, how we view sacraments.

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Closed Communion and Catholic sacraments

The Sacrificial Lamb - Josefa de Ayala, ca 1670

There are a few comments going on at the end of one of my posts, mainly regarding closed communion and Catholic sacraments being available to non-Catholics. This post was created to continue those discussions, and served to only result in further topics being discussed – see below.

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