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The Maria Divine Mercy cult – beware

"The Book of Truth" - so-called

This blog is about Adventism, but the Maria Divine Mercy cult is much like Adventism – false prophecies, teachings contrary to the Bible, etc. In fact they’re quite similar to Adventism in some ways, as Supertradmum points out on her blog Etheldredasplace: WOW from A Reader

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Converting to Catholicism, and keeping the good from Adventism

Crucifixion, from Polittico di Valle Romita

Mike Senseney wrote the following on a Facebook forum, and he’s given permission for me to share this. He’s an ex-Adventist who found his way home to the Catholic Church.

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Adventism and the ordination of women

Ellen White

Adventism’s decision about the ordination of women is not really about the Bible – it’s about being part of the world, and that is why Adventism will eventually fall – it’s part of the world’s need to reject divine authority and do as it pleases, the essence of Protestantism, the itching ear syndrome (2 Timothy 4:3).

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Why I remain Catholic

Council of Trent in Santa Maria Maggiore church, Museo Diocesano Tridentino, Trento (Italy)

It’s a current trend to post why one remains Catholic. There are many reasons, but I think mine are mostly historical. I believe that the first century Christians developed into the second century Christians, who developed into the third century Christians, and then into the 4th century Christians. …

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Ellen White and St Ambrose

St Ambrose of Milan

Ellen White has a history of making up history. She also has a history of taking completely non-Adventist groups like the Albigensians and Waldensians and claiming they were proto-Adventists. (The Waldensians were far too Catholic to come close to being Adventist, and the Albigensians were gnostics who shunned marriage and believed in a set of two Gods – the evil God of the Old Testament and the good God of the New Testament.)

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Ben Carson, the next US President, and anti-Catholic?

Dr Ben Carson; photo by Gage Skidmore

An Adventist is possibly amongst those running for the throne that is arguably the most powerful position in the world. Dr Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr., a retired neurosurgeon and a Republican, is potentially the next US President. And he is a Seventh-day Adventist.

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