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There are a few questions in the SSPX quiz that are related to specific facts/concepts, and people tend to answer “Unsure” or its equivalent. I’ll give the answers or further information here.

Fish stuffed with Thai herbs
Fish stuffed with Thai herbs

Taxonomically, humans are:

Humans fall into the following taxons mentioned in the question: Homo sapiens, great apes, old world monkeys, and primates. Strangely, in order for the concept of “fish” to be taxonomically sound, i.e. all fish form a single group that doesn’t exclude any fish, they must form a group that includes mammals, and therefore humans. It’s a case of taxonomical constructs which require that “we are what our parents were” taken to a strange extreme. This I have described here. The other option is to have the concept of “fish” not form a taxonomical contruct at all, with fish being various related organisms not forming a single group. While the classification of human is obvious, arguments for the rest may not be equally accepted and considered valid in all scientific circles. Very few people actually consider us to be fish, but I would support their logic and not condemn them for heresy, as long as we are not eaten on Fridays.

Do you believe that the Eucharist celebrated with leavened bread is valid?

Liturgy of St James - Bread and Wine prior to Consecration
Liturgy of St James – Bread and Wine prior to Consecration

Yes, it is. The Latin Church used it early on, and Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholics continue to use leavened bread for the Eucharist today. Should a Latin Catholic priest use leavened bread, it would be valid but illicit. In the East, the Armenians and Maronites and Syro-Malabar Catholics follow the Latin practice (or we follow theirs, depending on the history of it).

Do you believe that using the passive voice for baptism (“The servant of God is baptised in the name …”) is valid?

Yes, it is. The Eastern Churches (Catholic and Orthodox) use the passive voice.

What is the most ideal order for the sacraments of baptism, communion, and confirmation?

This is certainly up for debate, and the two possible options (baptism first) are both used. For Eastern Catholics and Orthodox, confirmation comes immediately after baptism, followed by communion. This applies to infants too. Pope Benedict XVI voiced support this idea for infants in the West as well – Sacramentum Caritatis, 18.

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