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Seventh-day Adventists and 666

So Ellen Gould White, the prophetess of Seventh Day Adventism, has a name that adds up to 666, and it is the number of a name and not of a title.

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Following the False Prophet

Ellen White icon

Ellen Gould White is a prime candidate. She made many false prophecies which did not come true, and she persisted, as have some of her followers, to confirm what she had said. Many of her writings have been ‘edited’ by others at a later date so some of the later writings may not agree with the earlier versions word for word.

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Did the papacy really uproot the 3 horns of Daniel 7:8,24?

Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna, Italy

In what follows, I would like to try to prove two things – a) the three tribes were NOT defeated by the papacy, and were NOT the only three tribes to be defeated like they were, and b) the most essential part of this SDA prophetic scenario will be debunked when it is shown that the neither the Western Roman Empire, nor the nations of Western Europe, fit into the “10 horn” image of Daniel/Revelation. Because there were NOT 10 “horns” or kingdoms in this area at this time, it is totally ridiculous to say that these 15-20 nations represent a 10-horned beast !!! Without that, none of the SDA’s claims can be applied to the papacy, simply because they have found the papacy in entirely the wrong place, and have grossly misunderstood what the Bible, specifically the book of Daniel, is saying. It is obvious to me from the study I have made into the SDA theory that the SDA Church simply has no clue about what the facts really are.

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Laughable answers I have received to my legitimate email questions

By Bob Stanley … Laughable answers I have received to my legitimate email questions … with a few laughable remarks thrown in…

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How to study Adventism and Catholicism – an example

… by Bob Stanley Fords and Chevys So you went out and purchased an old used car, and soon after, it had a problem. You did not have the money to have a mechanic fix it so you decided to fix it yourself. Not knowing anything about that brand of car,you purchased a repair manual …

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