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Thus saith Ellen, part 4 – The 10 commandments

10 Commandments

These descriptions, given to Ellen White in a vision, prove that the vision was NOT given by God. If it was not given by God, who was it that gave Ellen this vision? And what was their agenda when highlighting the sabbath?

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Thus saith Ellen, part 3 – Jesus is not God

Russian Jewelled Icon of Christ Pantocrator

Thus saith Ellen: “The man Christ Jesus was not the Lord God Almighty, yet Christ and the Father are one.”

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Thus saith Ellen, part 2 – Call no man Father?

William Miller

The interesting thing is that Ellen White referred to William Miller, the founder of the Millerite movement that started Adventism, as “Father Miller”, and gives one of the Catholic reasons for doing so (cf 1 Cor 4:15).

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Thus saith Ellen, part 1 – Christians pray to Satan?

Ellen White

Since 1844, Christians pray to Satan on God’s throne? No. All the symbolism of Jesus sitting down and his work being completed happened in the past, not some future 1844. Satan never sat on the throne of God answering prayers.

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