January 2006 archive

Serbians and Adventism

If you can understand Serbian, and are interested in Adventism, here’s a website run by ex-Adventists who are now Orthodox Christians. It looks like there’s a lot of info there, I just don’t understand what it says.

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E-mail from Ellen White

I got the following e-mail from Ellen White today.

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Response from the [Fundamentalist] SermonAudio group

Grumpy woman

My message to anti-Catholics: Leave aside your objections to Catholic theology for a moment, and try to understand what Catholics actually believe. Otherwise you’re just arguing against something we don’t believe, and we remain unconvinced. That is what happens with 99% of the fundamentalist attempts to “witness” to Catholics. SermonAudio is a prime example.

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A [Fundamentalist] Baptist Church and SermonAudio

Angry ant

Pastor X’s church is NOT representative of Christianity. In fact, this type of church is very much in the minority. Unfortunately, their hatred of anything different to them leads them to be more vocal than most. And, equally unfortunately, all denominations have this type.

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China, abortion, rape

Via Mark La Roi’s blog, I found out that the person who exposed China’s forced abortion policy has been put under house arrest.

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Stop abortions if the mother is in labour!

“Liu said that the medical officials would only stop an abortion if an expectant mother was in labour.”

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