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Commentary on Prophecy in the Bible

Pope Innocent III

What follows are two comments on the role of biblical prophecy in our modern era. One is from 2016; the first is from 2020.

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Is Pope Francis intending to resign soon?

Pope Francis in the Philippines

That looks a little like preparation for the end of his papacy. Should we be concerned? Are there other subtle signs, like the one where Pope Benedict XVI laid his pallium on the tomb of Pope Celestine V?

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Is Donald Trump the little horn of Daniel 7?

US President Donald Trump

It is heartwarming indeed to see Adventists debate and reject their own church’s historical understanding of prophecy.

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Pope invades another country!

SMOM ex-Head of State, Matthew Festing

Pope Francis has demanded and obtained the resignation of the head of another sovereign state, and will appoint his own temporary supervisor until the state elects a new head of state approved by the pope.

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Does the pope claim to be God on earth?

Pope Francis

Adventists, and other anti-Catholics, claim that popes have taught that they are God. Anyone who knows anything about the Catholic Church knows that the pope doesn’t consider himself to be God.

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Vicarius Filii Dei and 666

Pope Pius XII

Adventists like to present a fake papal title as evidence that the papacy is linked to the number 666 found in Revelation 13:18.

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Religious Hardtalk – Adventism in Jamaica

Religious Hardtalk - Elce 'Thunder' Lauriston

Elce ‘Thunder’ Lauriston, an Adventist evangelist in Jamaica, left Adventism and gives his story at Religious Hardtalk.

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Dishonest Adventists

Jesus doesn't like lies being told about Christians.

Here are some examples from recent Facebook conversations. Discussions are trimmed to include the relevant bits. Disgusting to read, and disgusting to have to deal with regularly. Not all the “Catholic” discussion is mine; where more than one person was involved in the discussion, they are numbered 1 and 2.

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What Catholics Believe – Sunday observance

The Resurrection of Christ

Catholics (and most other Christians) believe Sunday is a special day to be celebrated, because it is the day Jesus rose from the dead. The Jews kept the Sabbath on Saturday, and this is reflected in the 10 Commandments. However, only the moral code of the Old Testament is applicable to Christians – we don’t need to sacrifice animals, keep Passover, Yom Kippur, or the Sabbath, and we are free from the dietary restrictions as well.

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The 2005 Conclave – before and after

Pope Benedict XVI in 2010

I remember exactly where I was on the evening of Tuesday April 19 2005. I was in Parow, in a Pick ‘n Pay grocery store, near the frozen meat isle, and got a call from my mother. I was absolutely thrilled. The cardinal I had been inspired by for several years, and respected tremendously, and whom I hoped would be pope, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, was His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

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Pope St Celestine V

Pope Benedict's pallium on the tomb of Pope St Celestine V

On 28 April 2009, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI left his pallium lying on the tomb of Pope St Celestine V. At the time there was speculation that this indicated that Pope Benedict XVI would follow in the footsteps of Pope St Celestine V. Pope St Celestine V resigned on 13 December 1294. He had been pope for 5 months. There was no pope for two years prior to that – the election that resulted in him becoming pope took 27 months. 11 Cardinals participated in the election.

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Pope Benedict’s resignation

This is a very sad day for the Catholic Church, but it was inevitable that his reign come to an end. He has been a tremendous force in bringing the Church back in line, and turning people back to God. I don’t think he will lose his status as my favourite pope. He is my 4th pope – I was born in the reign of Pope Paul VI, who was followed by Pope John Paul I, and then Pope John Paul II.

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More on Sunday and Pope Sylvester I

Michael Schiefler has been trying to squeeze more water out of a stone on his anti-Catholic website. I commented on it before. He seems to think he has the name of the Pope that changed the Sabbath to Sunday nailed down – Pope Sylvester I. Scheifler is basing his claims on second-hand information based on what are probably spurious documents.

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Pope Sylvester I – who changed the Sabbath?

Michael Scheifler has a “rebuttal” on his website to something I wrote. He claims that the pope who changed the Sabbath to Sunday was Pope Sylvester I. In light of the teachings of Ellen White, and in light of history – as taught by real historians – this cannot be seen as more than a failed attempt to make the argument seem viable. But it is not viable.

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Did the papacy really uproot the 3 horns of Daniel 7:8,24?

Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna, Italy

In what follows, I would like to try to prove two things – a) the three tribes were NOT defeated by the papacy, and were NOT the only three tribes to be defeated like they were, and b) the most essential part of this SDA prophetic scenario will be debunked when it is shown that the neither the Western Roman Empire, nor the nations of Western Europe, fit into the “10 horn” image of Daniel/Revelation. Because there were NOT 10 “horns” or kingdoms in this area at this time, it is totally ridiculous to say that these 15-20 nations represent a 10-horned beast !!! Without that, none of the SDA’s claims can be applied to the papacy, simply because they have found the papacy in entirely the wrong place, and have grossly misunderstood what the Bible, specifically the book of Daniel, is saying. It is obvious to me from the study I have made into the SDA theory that the SDA Church simply has no clue about what the facts really are.

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More Vicarius Thrills – the numbers of the beast and the men who flub them

… by Patrick Madrid, Editor-in-Chief, Envoy Magazine … Do we need any more proof that apologetics is fun? Well, here’s more. When I wrote my article “Pope Fiction” (March/April 1998), I knew it might rile some people, and it did. Shortly after it appeared, I received a letter from a Mr. Allan Drisko. He didn’t care for my piece, especially my refutation of the 666 nonsense sometimes used against the papacy.

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