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Change from “one God” to “God” – corrected to omit “one”

Russian Jewelled Icon of Christ Pantocrator

The Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales has made a change to the conclusion of the collects in the English Mass, following advice from Cardinal Robert Sarah, head of the Congregation for Divine Worship.

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Subtle Arianism in the Seventh-day Adventist “Clear Word Bible”

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Some of the Seventh-day Adventist founding fathers were Arians. Arians deny that Jesus Christ is God the Son, one being with the Father (consubstantial), equal to the Father (co-equal), and as eternal as the Father (co-eternal). The founding mother of Adventism wrote many Arian-like statements, such as “The man Christ Jesus was not the Lord God Almighty, yet Christ and the Father are one.”

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Are Adventists really Christian? Are they authentic Trinitarians?

Shield of the Trinity

Until recently, in my mind Seventh-day Adventism was a Christian denomination. An odd one, with strange beliefs that are contrary to biblical teaching, but Christian nonetheless. That opinion is changing. I think that the Catholic Church should investigate Seventh-day Adventism more fully, and consider conditionally baptising anyone entering the Church if their previous baptism was an Adventist one.

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Thus saith Ellen, part 3 – Jesus is not God

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Thus saith Ellen: “The man Christ Jesus was not the Lord God Almighty, yet Christ and the Father are one.”

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Is Jesus God? Part 3

Holy Trinity by Szymon Czechowicz

Now we will go onto the final section: That Jesus can be prayed to and worshipped as God

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Is Jesus God? Part 2

Alpha and Omega

Part 2 – That Jesus is the God of the Old Testament

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Is Jesus God? Part 1

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Adventists believe some strange things. Some Adventists believe even stranger things. There’s a small but vocal group within Adventism that denies the divinity of Jesus Christ, a core teaching of biblical Christianity. Some other groups like the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Christedelphians teach this too.

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Why I remain Catholic

Council of Trent in Santa Maria Maggiore church, Museo Diocesano Tridentino, Trento (Italy)

It’s a current trend to post why one remains Catholic. There are many reasons, but I think mine are mostly historical. I believe that the first century Christians developed into the second century Christians, who developed into the third century Christians, and then into the 4th century Christians. …

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Ben Carson, the next US President, and anti-Catholic?

Dr Ben Carson; photo by Gage Skidmore

An Adventist is possibly amongst those running for the throne that is arguably the most powerful position in the world. Dr Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr., a retired neurosurgeon and a Republican, is potentially the next US President. And he is a Seventh-day Adventist.

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Whose truth is the real truth, and how can we know?

Still life with Bible, Vincent van Gogh

When Christians study the Bible and reach different conclusions, how can they figure out which conclusion is the correct one? Is there a way to know that one is right, apart from the conviction that the Holy Spirit has led one in one’s study of the Bible? When someone has a different interpretation of the Bible to ours, how do we know the Holy Spirit has led us, and not them? How can we be sure that we are right? Or is there a possibility that we’re wrong?

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The Catholic Apologist – Young Evangelists

Crucifixion from Santa Maria Antiqua

Continuing my posts on young Catholic apologists/evangelists, this is part 2 of 3. A young guy called Joseph has a YouTube channel with (currently) 38 videos defending various Catholic teachings. “To all Catholics in good standing with the Church, I hope that you learn something from these videos that will help you in your life later on. To all non-Catholics and cafeteria Catholics, please be opened to the truth and let God show you the correct path.”

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Waking Up Catholic – Book review

Waking Up Catholic book cover

In his new book, Waking Up Catholic, Chad Torgerson describes his journey into the Catholic Church. He discusses how his faith in Christ developed over the years, from Lutheran, to agnostic/atheist, to born-again Protestant, and finally Catholic. Specifically, he brings in how his relationship with Christ was influenced by his study of Catholic teachings and practices, and shows how they can bring one closer to Christ. The book is easy to read, but gets to the point of complex issues remarkably well without becoming too complex on the one hand, or being too simple on the other.

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Biblical proof the Jesus is God

Divine Mercy icon, Byzantine style

On Dave Armstrong’s blog there is a post containing a tremendous amount of evidence for the divinity of Christ. If you’ve got Jehovah’s Witnesses or Christadelphians or other Arian religions to deal with, this is really worth reading.

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Example of an anti-Catholic’s rhetoric

Angry ant

In summary, this seems to be a denomination on the very fringe of Christianity, even further out than the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses, who also have a peculiar set of beliefs. They appear to be Oneness Pentecostals … who, in my experience, are not good at honesty when it comes to Catholicism and others they disagree with.

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Da Vinci Code – Adventist Review

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) - The Last Supper (1495-1498)

The Adventist Review’s response (by David Marshall) to The Da Vinci Code is critical of the book/movie, but still continues on to agree with it on matters that have long formed part of Adventist mythology.

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The original Adventists

James and Ellen White

Modern Adventism has corrected itself, and returned to the historical Christian faith taught by the early Christians. Many within Adventism today are objecting to this, and retain some of these anti-Trinitarian teachings … one of the reasons they cite is that the Adventist church is accepting Catholic doctrines.

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When did Adventism lose the truth?

Bacchiocchi: “It is noteworthy that Jehovah’s Witnesses as well as the various churches stemming from Church of God Seventh Day (Worldwide Church of God, United Church of God, Church of God International, etc.), inherited the view of Christ as the first creature of God from our own Seventh-day Adventist Church. The reason is that they left our Adventist church prior to our acceptance of the doctrine of the TRINITY.”

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An example of how facts can be twisted to bear false witness

Please read all of this till the end … then you’ll understand what I am trying to say. … By giving them a list of damning quotes from well-known Adventist founders and elders from the past, they will see that merely quoting unofficial texts does not prove anything, because they know well that Adventism does not officially teach these things (although many do consider Ellen White to be inspired, and Arianism is certainly on the increase within Adventism.)

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