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Adventists abusing Socrates

Icon of Christ Crucified, chapel of San Damiano, near Assisi

There are two well-known quote from Socrates’ Ecclesiastical History. I am sure most Adventists and those who have come across what they teach are familiar with them. By taking away context, they hide the truth that these were not Sabbath keepers, but Sunday keepers who had retained the Sabbath as a custom.

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Orthodox, Catholics, and Adventism

Mother of God of Vladimir, a 12th century icon

The Orthodox share with Catholicism most of the teachings that Catholicism and Protestantism disagree on. Mary, her sinlessness, her body taken up into heaven, the Eucharist being literally the physical body and blood of Christ, asking saints in heaven to pray for us, Apostolic succession, the liturgical expression of our faith, 46 books in the Old Testament instead of the Protestant 39 (actually, some Orthodox have more.) And so it goes on. On issues such as Mary and Purgatory, they tend to share the same beliefs, but express them in very different ways.

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Why bother with Adventism?

Cristo Redentor - Rio

If the truth gets attacked, and those preaching and preserving it get attacked, the rest of us need to defend it. That can happen in different ways – and a website showing why Adventism is wrong about its claims about Catholicism is one way of doing that. If we don’t, we lose people to the traps set by those outside, and unbelievers get to laugh anyway.

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Dies Domini – Adventist apologetics and research

Francesco Albani's The Baptism of Christ

Dies Domini “is a internet research center, dedicated to promoting an ecumenical dialogue between Catholics and Seventh-day Adventists. Founded by former Adventists who embraced the Catholic faith, this ministry exists to glorify Christ in faithful service of His Church.”

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Ellen White on the deification of man

The Ladder of Paradise - St John Climacus

That sounds similar to the doctrine of Theosis, taught by the Eastern Orthodox Churches, and the Eastern Catholic Churches. Western Catholicism doesn’t give it much attention as far as the use of the term divinisation goes, and the Eastern part carries it over from their Orthodox heritage. If you see a difference between divinisation and deification, Theosis refers to the former … some people see a difference, some people consider them perfect synonyms. See below – probably equivalent to the Protestant concept of sanctification.

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Call no man father

Murillo - Abraham receiving the three angels

Rom 4:1, James 2:21, Luke 1:73, and Acts 7:2 have Abraham being called a father, in an ancestral/spiritual sense. Rom 4:16 has Abraham called the “father of us all.” Isaac is called “our father Isaac” in Rom 9. Timothy’s father was a Greek, says Acts 16. That’s not metaphorical or figurative. Yet this man was called Timothy’s father, when Timothy was a Christian whose father was God. 1 Cor 4:15 has Paul calling himself a father in a spiritual sense.

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