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On this page I hope to post links to a new series called
Adventist and Catholic News & Views
in which I’ll post interesting links I’ve found in the last while. I hope to post at least twice a month.

Most recent:
Adventist and Catholic News & Views 024 – 5 April 2021 – key words: Blessed Tansi, Cognitive dissonance, Francis Arinze, Mark of the Beast, Modernism, Resurrection, Satellite TV, Vaccines

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 023 – 17 Jan 2021 – key words: Acolytes, Burke, COVID vaccine, Cults, Ellen White, EWTN, Face diapers, Fr Zuhlsdorf, Labor, Labour, Lectors, Masks, Pope Francis, Pope Leo XIII, Rerum novarum, Spiritus Domini, Traditionalism, Unions, Vigano, Women

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 022 – 2 Jan 2021 – key words: Abraham, Ben Carson, Christmas, COVID restrictions, Inadmissible, Kosher, Mark of the beast, Milk and meat together, Name of the Lord, New Testament priesthood, Novena, Religious freedom, Three angels

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 021 – 26 Dec 2020 – key words: Abby Johnson, Adventist mobile gaming app, Cooperation with evil, COVID vaccine, Dave Nix, Dominik Duka, Edmontosaurus thanatocoenosis, HEK-293 cells, Holy Vaccine, Joseph Strickland, Luis Tagle

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 020 – 19 Dec 2020 – key words: Abortion money, Antivaxxer, Apartheid, Bishop Stika, Communion in the hand, Communion on the tongue, COVID-19, Darth Vader, Edward Allred, Ku Klux Klan, Loma Linda, Martyrs, Nativity scene, Parler, Race, Religious persecution, Segregation, SSPX, Strickland, Zuhlsdorf

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 019 – 12 Dec 2020 – key words: Allison Willows, Becciu, Biden, Brandon Bernard, Burke, Canon 915, COVID terrorists, Digital evangelism, Fr Zuhlsdorf, Moist plinth, Naima Cochrane, Religious freedom

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 018 – 28 Nov 2020 – key words: Ben Carson, Church Militant, COVID vaccines, Dick Williamson, Fiona O’Leary, Florian Abrahamowicz, Holy Hotspot, Paul Touvier, Ramon Angles, Sabbath, Sexual abuse, SSPX, SSPX Resistance, Superstition, Theosis, Vaccines

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 017 – 1 Nov 2020 – key words: Conspiracy theories, COVID-19, Masks, Mass Rocks, SSPX, Sunday law, Working class

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 016 – 16 Oct 2020 – key words: Amharic, Cloned pigs, Conspiracy theories, Council of Nicaea, Exorcism, Fr Zuhlsdorf, Pets, QAnon, Trump

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 015 – 2 Oct 2020 – key words: Adventist communion services, Amy Coney Barrett, Becchiu, Clericalism, Croatia, Defenestration, Eucharist, Knights of Columbus, Sacraments, Sunday laws, Sunday rest

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 014 – 26 Sept 2020 – key words: Baptism, Catechesis, Convert, Coronavirus, Coronavirus Vaccine, COVID-19, COVID vaccine, Hiroshima, Invalid baptism, Loma Linda, Mark Galli, Orthodox, Pope Francis, Quackery, Vaccine

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 013 – 12 Sept 2020 – key words: Anthony Cekada, COVID-19, Creationism, Dinosaurs, Last rites, Marcel Lefebvre, Pope Francis, Sabbath, SARS-CoV-2, Sedevacantism, SSPV, SSPX

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 012 – 14 March 2020 – key words: Charles Pope, Kool-Aid, Coronavirus, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Mass, Shut down, MyCatholicDoctor, Computational biology

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 011 – 9 March 2020 – Coronavirus edition – key words: Coronavirus, Cryptic transmission, Seattle, Revelation, Crackpot, Doug Batchelor, Amazing Facts, Herbert Armstrong, COVID-19, South Africa, Zweli Mkhize, Vatican, Italy, Communion in the hand, Communion on the tongue, Extraordinary Form, Violet Harris

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 010 – 4 March 2020 – key words: William Shea, Spectrum, Patterson v Walgreens, SCOTUS, Coronavirus, Pope Francis, Kinship International, King Francis, Franz Duke of Bavaria, Ordination of women, One World Government, Catholic monarchy, Northern Italy, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Sunday law, Fake meat

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 009 – 28 Feb 2020 – key words: Perception creep, Judgement creep, Concept creep, Ridigity, China, Religious persecution, James Martin, Archbishop Wester, Bishop Biegler, Darrell Patterson, Walgreens, Patterson v Walgreens, Married priests, Eastern Catholics, Bishop Gallaro, Religious liberty, Vatican II

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 008 – 21 Feb 2020 – key words: Enzyme bonded concrete, Concrete, Amazon, Pope Francis, Hermits of Westray, Pets, Death of pets, Hong Kong, COVID-19, Seal of confession, Third way, Third Rite of Reconciliation, Joseph Zhu Baoyu, Querida Amazonia, Phylolinguistics, Married priests

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 007 – 15 Feb 2020 – key words: Conspiracy Theories, Special Knowledge, Conspiracies, Coronavirus, Gaming, Pope Francis, Amazon, Celibacy, Married priests, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Requiem aeternam, Querida Amazonia

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 006 – 8 Feb 2020 – key words: 2019-nCoV, Coronavirus, Health Network, Taylor Marshall, Anti-Catholics, Bishop Barron, Mandatum, Tim Gordon, Galileo, Galileo Affair, Knights of Columbus, Freemasons, Walmart, Work on the sabbath, Secret handshake, Diet, Food rules, Pig meat, Unclean meats

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 005 – 1 Feb 2020 – key words: Episcopalian consecration, Fatima, Private revelation, Pillars of Adventism, Sabbath, Old Covenant, Diet, Ellen White, Investigative Judgement, Creationism, LBGTQ+

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 004 – 25 Jan 2020 – Vaccine edition – key words: Vaccines, Vaccination, Antivax, Health message, Childhood immunizations, Religious exemptions, Bioethics

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 003 – 17 Jan 2020 – key words: Eastern Catholic Churches, Orthodox Churches, Ratzinger, Ratzinger Proposal, Zogby Initiative, Sexual assault, Proclamation, Hell, Cult, Mixed marriage, Christmas, Pagan, Order of Malta, Cardinal Burke, Mister McCarrick, Vaccines, Kari Paulsen, Syro-Malabar Church, Latinisation

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 002 – 8 Jan 2020 – key words: Pontifical secret, Slap, PopeSlap, Diet, Bias in research, Religious discrimination, Resignation, Pope Francis, Vegetarianism, Supreme Court, Voting, John Shin, Mayo Clinic

Adventist and Catholic News & Views 001 – 2 Jan 2020 – key words: Ganoune Diop, Book Dispenser, Ordination of women in Adventism, Sabbath myths, Hermits of Westray, Pontifical secret, Vigano, Pope Francis, Miracles

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