From Prophetess to Pope – Conversion Story of Arthur and Teresa Beem

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As my husband and I began reading the early Church Fathers, we were shocked at how Catholic they were. Could it be Catholic corruption had already been trickling in before the Apostles died? But that cannot be right, can it? These early writings were not just by any convert; these were writings by bishops who had been taught by, anointed by, and chosen by the Apostles themselves to lead the churches they started. That just didn’t seem to make sense that they would have become apostate so soon. If God had abandoned His Church so quickly after its inception, then we really have a problem because we can’t trust the Trinity doctrine, the canon of Scripture, or the divinity of Christ because these were the men (and later Fathers) who defined these doctrines and who attested to which writings were by the apostles and which were forgeries.

via From Prophetess to Pope – Conversion Story of Arthur and Teresa Beem | The Coming Home Network.

Arthur and Teresa Beem are ex-Adventists who became Catholic.  They have a book, which I blogged on previouslyVery, very good and insightful book.

They have two blogs which I highly recommend:

The Joys of Being Catholic [defunct]

It’s Okay NOT to be a Seventh-day Adventist

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