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2013: This website no longer exists.  I’ve updated links to the latest version stored in the Internet Archives.

Dies Domini website

Dies Domini website

There’s a new website on Adventism and apologetics – it looks really good.  Excellent design … sites like this usually make me want to redesign mine, but I don’t have the time or the talent for that.

Dies Domini “is a internet research center, dedicated to promoting an ecumenical dialogue between Catholics and Seventh-day Adventists. Founded by former Adventists who embraced the Catholic faith, this ministry exists to glorify Christ in faithful service of His Church.” [1]

Most of the articles are in PDF format, but they are small, and download fast (I’m using a 56K modem.)

Some highlights:

Journeys home from Adventism to Catholicism – there are 4 linked.

In the research section, there are essays, articles, and Q+A sections.

I recommend the essays one, as it’s the fullest, with the most interesting topics (for me.)

At the News page, there is an article on St Ignatius of Antioch’s letters that I think is a must.

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