Adventist and Catholic News & Views 015 – 2 Oct 2020

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News and commentary on Adventism:

Liturgy of St James - Bread and Wine prior to Consecration
Liturgy of St James – Bread and Wine prior to Consecration

The Troubling Persistence of Adventist ClericalismAdventist Today
Some Adventists don’t like the official Adventist policy of the communion service being conducted only by an ordained priest pastor or elder. Deacons and deaconesses and laity are not permitted to say Mass conduct communion services. On the one hand, that’s the way it always has been for 2000 years in the Catholic Church. On the other, Adventist communion services are not Catholic sacraments, and their validity is the same no matter who does it, or even whether bread and wine grape juice are use, or cheese and orange juice. There is a good argument that the leader of the Adventist community should be the one to do it. The article also comments on women and clericalism. We have a problem with clericalism in the Catholic Church too, and it needs to be worked out to differentiate between clergy and their behaviour. They comment that “leftover wine must be poured out and the bread burned” … oddly indicative that they believe it is holy in some sense. Not in the Catholic sense, which they then go on to call “a magic substance for the remission of sin”. They could have done a little better in trying to represent Catholic beliefs properly, but that was never a strong Adventist trait.

Croatia heading towards work-free SundayCroatia Week
Not an Adventist source, but one sent me there.
Government spokesman Marko Milic confirmed that a law to regulate Sunday working was in preparation, taking into account the balance between work, rest, and spending time with family.
That’s really what it’s about, along with going to church. Not forcing Adventists to work on the sabbath, or forcing them to have a 2-day weekend.


News and commentary on Catholicism:

@MassimoFaggioli attacks Judge Amy Coney Barrett and has his “beans” handed back to himWDTPRS
In these days of Catholics bitching at other Catholics, Fr Zuhlsdorf joins the pissing contest (again). “The more he writes and speaks, the less credible he will in the long run be.” And yet I still have WDTPRS in my RSS reader.

Cardinal Becciu in 2013
Cardinal Becciu in 2013

Thoughts on Pope Francis’s ‘great defenestration’ of Cardinal BecciuCrux, John L Allen Jr
On the afternoon of Thursday 24 Sept, Pope Francis and Cardinal Becciu had a row. The Vatican announced Becciu’s resignation within hours, and noted that he resigned his rights as a cardinal too. The next day Becciu held a press conference defending his nepotism. Crux/Allen speculate that he could be more trouble than Vigano if he were to go the Vigano route. Or that he may get his power back under a new pope.

I’m done with the Knights of ColumbusNational Catholic Reporter
A bit old. This is an objection to Trump’s violation of sacred space. Is it just Catholic-approved Freemasonry? There’s a growing antipathy towards them from those who think they are.


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