Denial of Communion on the Tongue Causing More Trauma Than COVID-19

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VatiBee, Civitas Capensis – Around the world, True CatholicsTM are dying in droves from CITHaD-20, a new disease caused by harsh episcopal punishment inflicted by bishops who work for a “supranational body” known as the Catholic Church. Sufferers have called this an illegal interdict-like (but-not-an-interdict) punishment that hasn’t been handed down from local bishops since the apparitions in Fatima in 1917-18.

Karen Lefebvre, great grand-daughter of Cardinal Lefebvre, posted an internet meme proving from the 1917-18 Code of Canon Law that such punishments have a greater morbidity and much greater mortality than the common colds that currently afflict those of little faith.

This has gone unnoticed while the rest of the world is doing their utmost to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus, SARS coronavirus 2, from wreaking havoc on healthcare systems and resulting in the deaths of over 300 000 people just from the viral infection alone. Many more may have perished from other causes after not being able to obtain adequate medical care. Called COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019), the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 is, in many countries, at least 20 times as lethal as the annual influenza, which in turn is hundreds of times as lethal as the common cold.

We interviewed Jennifer Wrightly, a True CatholicTM born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa. Her story is a sad one.

RFID chip compared to a grain of rice
RFID chip compared to a grain of rice

All because of a common cold, we are being denied our right to communion on the tongue. It is our right! This punishment is unfair! Our local US Conference of Catholic Bishops is so mean and nasty. The greatest indignity ever suffered by a True CatholicTM is to be forced to take communion in the hand. It’s even worse than my great grandmother and five others being kicked out of Poland by the Jews in 1940 and sent across the Alps to live in Switzerland. I watched a YouTube documentary on communion in the hand the other day. It convinced me that any day now nuns will herd us off to communion with rulers ready to wrap us over the knuckles. They may even give us vaccines, with Microsoft chips embedded in them personally by Pope Bergoglio.

At that point she broke down in tears, her suffering was so great. Her husband consoled her, while telling us that she still longed for the days of Pope Pius X, a great friend of her great grandfather, neither of whom signed any documents at the Second Vatican Council. He said that he himself refused to take communion in the hand. “It’s my way or the highway,” he piously announced, before ushering his wife inside, as their son David and three neighbours looked on, concerned.

We went to the local St Athanasius Catholic Church to hear what others had to say about this extraordinary torment afflicting Catholics around the world. Mass had just ended, and the congregation was busy disconnecting from the 5G server hosting the video conferencing app. We asked the local Dominican priest, Fr Ray Snider, whose mask matched his vestments, about this suffering the Vatican had imposed at the command of Pope Bergoglio. He was so startled he gave a small cough, and apologised. He said rather pointedly that “Pope FRANCIS had imposed nothing, and all the bishops around the world were doing their best for the safety of their flocks”. With one or two exceptions who loved their conspiracy theories, he admitted, but they were a minority, and we had none of them here in the Great Cape Province.

Communion on the tongue
Communion on the tongue

When prompted about communion on the tongue being denied, he said there were about five or six people in his congregation who thought it of great importance to take communion on the tongue, and about 10 others who found it more reverent. A local virologist had informed him that communion on the tongue and in the hand were similarly safe, if given without touching hands or mouth, but he said most of his congregation followed the accepted Catholic practice, with centuries-old history, of taking communion in the hand. Those whose personal spirituality prompted them to receive on the tongue had informed him that their greatest concern was the safety of the community, especially the elderly. “Nobody here boycotts the Eucharist. When Masses become open to congregations again, these parishioners will be offering up their loss of reverential preference for those who will die of COVID-19 in their community,” Fr Ray said, noting that nobody had died of CITHaD-20 in his parish yet. “That’s what we’re doing – praying for those who are infected, praying for those who need protection from infection. Their suffering is greater than ours. May God heal their bodies and their souls.

Later that day we spotted the Wrightlys’ son, David, jogging without his mask on. We asked him whether or not he agreed with Fr Ray’s assessment. And we asked him why he wasn’t wearing his mask. He muttered something about “that Jesuit mason” causing his suffering, and told us that he wasn’t at risk of infection because of his faith in God, and it was only a cold anyway. “I am not like those other people. They give us a bad name. I fast twice every three hours. This is a disease of homosexuals and unbelievers.” He then walked off, stopped, looked back, and said “I’ve advertised our garage as a chapel and there will be standing room only later. Please come. Oh, and call me Michael.

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