Cryptocurrency spam and some fun

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Telegram settings should be set so that only your contacts can message you or call you or add you to groups. For me, that latter two are set, the former not. I am on an ICE3X* discussion group, and a number of people started spam conversations trying to get me to sign up at some or other bitcoin website. I played with one such person for a few days. I finally got her to agree to marry me, and then I blocked her. Relationships like that can’t continue forever.

*Crypto exchange iCE3x suspends trading after discovering account discrepancies
*One of South Africa’s oldest cryptocurrency exchanges shuts down

This is the conversation that ensued, along the lines of James Veitch’s Dot Con: The Art of Scamming a Scammer, which I highly recommend:

Cryptocurrency spam
Cryptocurrency spam

Audio clip saying “Poep zegt mijn lieve gaatje” obtained from Google Translate here.

Audio clip saying “kattenhol” obtained from Google Translate here. You can buy a kattenhol (cat den) here.

The “eagle” video was taken from here – Didn’t think BIRDS COULD BE FUNNIER than cats? Then watch this! – starting at the 6:04 mark.

The snake video did its round on social media. One version can be found here – Longest 60 Foot Long Dead Snake Found in Florida…

REISUB – Wikipedia

The above conversation as a PDF here.

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