So much for security and Telegram channels

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Telegram logo
Telegram logo

The Cape Town SSPX has moved from WhatsApp to Telegram. They now have a public Telegram channel for notices. They have several secret ones as well, for more secret information such as where and who and how, but their public channel is viewable online by anyone who knows about it. And that one is not a secret, and can be shared with friends and interested parties. The secret ones are secret, so they are secret for now.

WhatsApp groups were encrypted. WhatsApp couldn’t see the contents. People with secrets should stick to WhatsApp.

Telegram channels are not encrypted (not even the secret ones). The entire world can see the contents. The public “SSPX Capetown” Telegram channel is here: – you can see all the channel posts there.

You can even embed messages in a blog post, which I’ll do below for one. Apparently the Mass times for tomorrow (24 Jan 2021) are not secret and are shared on their public channel.

I imagine the link and the embed below might not last terribly long, and might evaporate when they realise it’s public knowledge and publicly accessible. Which confuses me a little – they already know that. Anyway …

Update 2021/01/26 – one security hole plugged – the link above and the embed below have been made private.

telegram channel not found
telegram channel not found

The local sermons can be found publicly accessible on the web without joining that channel. I really expected better from a group who like their spy games so much.

One other security hole has been plugged too – mailing list removal. I hadn’t received those emails for months anyway (since June or July, I think), so that was rather pointless. But at least I got the notification today.

Mailing list removal
Mailing list removal
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