Adventist and Catholic News & Views 001 – 2 Jan 2020

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Christmas news

Average Weather in December in Bethlehem, Palestinian Territories
Sheep can definitely stay outside at night quite happily. And it was warmer back then.

News and commentary on Adventism:

Connecting the Dots to Rome: Ganoune Diop is a PhD Candidate at a Roman Catholic Seminary
– Advent(ist) Messenger
Here Andy Roman opines that Adventists should not work with Catholics to better understand each other. When Adventists stop telling lies about Catholicism and start understanding her, even if they disagree, the world will be a better place.

Book Dispenser Provides Free Adventist Books in Public Square – Adventist Review
Time for well-informed Catholics to all go past and get a free book and write a review somewhere, e.g. on their blogs. That way a) knowledge of Adventism’s false teachings and history will grow within the Catholic community, and b) gullible people will be less likely to get a book of their own.

Swedish Union of Churches Responds to General Conference Warning – Spectrum Magazine
The fight over the ordination of women in the Seventh-day Adventist church continues.

Seven Sabbath Myths Perpetuated by Adventists – Life Assurance Ministries
The title speaks for itself. A very good read for both Adventists and other Christians.


News and commentary on Catholicism:

The Hermits of Westray withdraw from the Catholic Church – This blog
A group of 3 religious have formally declared schism from the Catholic Church. Some people are mistakenly claiming that they have been kicked out. All that the formal excommunication means in this case is official recognition of the schism by their bishop.

Abp. Viganó Descends into Fanatical Reactionary Nuthood … Declares Pope Francis a Heretical Narcissist
– Dave Armstrong
Excellent commentary on Viganó’s regular encyclicals on the pope.

They actually believe this garbage – Where Peter Is
More on Viganó’s latest diatribe.

The Science of Miracles – Joe Heschmeyer
An atheist physician and historian discovers the rigour with which miracles of healing are assessed before being called miracles.


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Declaration of Schism by the Hermits of Westray:

Declaration of Schism by Hermits of Westray
Declaration of Schism by Hermits of Westray

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