New videos of the Mass

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I’ve posted new videos of the Mass / Divine Liturgy / liturgical celebrations on my page The Mass – video collection.

Latin Rite Catholic:

Extraordinary Form, High MassFr Z celebratingIntroit (1:11); Deacon Chanting the Gospel (2:51); Sicut Cervus (2:41); Sanctus, Consecration, Benedictus (5:16)

Anglican Use Liturgy (2:00:46) [Mass at Mount Calvary Church]

Anglican Use Evensong (1:06:39) [Evensong at Mount Calvary Church, Baltimore] – not a Mass

Book of Divine Worship (PDF)

Western Orthodox:

The Divine Liturgy according to the Rite of Saint Gregory (1:31) [Western Rite Orthodoxy Holy Week 2011]

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