Thessalonian monkeys attack monastery

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Northern Pig-tailed Macaque at the Monkey School on Koh Lanta Yai, Thailand

Northern Pig-tailed Macaque

Peter Paul Rubens - Head of a Franciscan Friar ca 1615

Peter Paul Rubens – Head of a Franciscan Friar ca 1615

A group of monkeys attacked the Orthodox monastery at Mount Athos in Greece with crowbars and sledgehammers on Wednesday.

A group of rebel monks occupy the Esphigmenou monastery, and have been ordered out by the Greek Orthodox Church as well as the Greek courts, but they won’t go.

The rebel monks object, among other things, to the improvement of relations between the Orthodox Churches and the Catholic Church.

The monkeys tried to take over the monastery, and were repelled with fire extinguishers and crowbars.

Methodius, the rebel abbott, said “They should be ashamed to call themselves men of the cloth.”  Men of the cloth?  More like monkeys.

Monks with crowbars face off over monastery

Quite something.

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