Jewish holy days fulfilled

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Icon of the Resurrection

Icon of the Resurrection

Some Christians don’t like to celebrate the events in Jesus’ life, and they follow a pseudo-Jewish calendar that includes passover and the other Jewish holy days.

They forget that the Jewish festivals looked forward to Christ, and are not applicable now that Christ has come and the events they depicted have been superseded by something better. That better thing is the the incarnation, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and is the focus of Christianity, and is celebrated by Christians year-round.

Over at Catholic Answers, Brant Pitre has a look at the Catholic liturgical calendar, and shows how it is both based on Judaism (as Christianity is) and an improvement thereon.

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    what you say about thr prophecy of Daniel. Is there any article by you? what do you say about small horn and 10 horns? what you say about 666 ?

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