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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 014 – 26 Sept 2020

Pope Francis giving a polio vaccine

Key words: Baptism, Catechesis, Convert, Coronavirus, Coronavirus Vaccine, COVID-19, COVID vaccine, Hiroshima, Invalid baptism, Loma Linda, Mark Galli, Orthodox, Pope Francis, Quackery, Vaccine

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Quiz time – SSPX and COVID

Take the SSPX COVID-19 quiz now!

A fun quiz to take about the SSPX situation and other things.

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 013 – 12 Sept 2020

Good News about Saturday

And we begin this series again, as time permits.

Key words: Anthony Cekada, COVID-19, Creationism, Dinosaurs, Last rites, Marcel Lefebvre, Pope Francis, Sabbath, SARS-CoV-2, Sedevacantism, SSPV, SSPX

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SSPX – the Dangers of a Cult Mentality

The International Seminary of Saint Pius X in Écône

Previously we looked at clear, plain statements from three popes (and others) that confirmed that the relationship between the Society of St Pius X (SSPX) and the Catholic Church is not one of “full communion”. Now we’ll look at how they are a good example of a group with a cult mentality.

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Is the SSPX in schism from the Catholic Church?

Archbishop Lefebvre in 1981 - suspended even from hearing confessions barring an emergency

“For the pastoral benefit of these faithful, and trusting in the good will of their priests to strive with God’s help for the recovery of full communion in the Catholic Church, I have personally decided to extend this faculty beyond the Jubilee Year …”

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Denial of Communion on the Tongue Causing More Trauma Than COVID-19

Angry ant

Around the world, True Catholics (TM) are dying in droves from CITHaD-20, a new disease caused by harsh episcopal punishment inflicted by bishops who work for a “supranational body” known as the Catholic Church. Sufferers have called this an illegal interdict-like (but-not-an-interdict) punishment that hasn’t been handed down from local bishops since the apparitions in Fatima in 1917-18.

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 010 – 4 March 2020

Fake church sign with the only real biblical evidence Adventists have.

Key words: William Shea, Spectrum, Patterson v Walgreens, SCOTUS, Coronavirus, Pope Francis, Kinship International, King Francis, Franz Duke of Bavaria, Ordination of women, One World Government, Catholic monarchy, Northern Italy, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Sunday law, Fake meat

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If Cardinal Burke gets elected pope …

Pope Pius V

If Cardinal Burke gets elected pope … Cardinal Burke takes which one of the following names as the new pope …

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Pachamama and Pope St John Paul II

His Holiness, Pope St John Paul II

In 1988, Pope St John Paul II mentioned Pachamama in a sermon. Pachamama, the earth, so-called by their ancestors; producing food and reflecting the work of divine providence.

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Eucharistic pronouns – It vs Him?

Eucharistic adoration at Saint Brigid of Kildare Church (Dublin, Ohio)

This week on Facebook, I observed someone being attacked for incorrect and disrespectful pronoun usage. The main topic was churches allowing the homeless poor to sleep in the pews at night. A definite no-no for some, with legitimate reasons either way. But this particular grammar episode became bizarre.

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 008 – 21 Feb 2020

Phylolinguistic MCC DensiTree

Key words: Enzyme bonded concrete, Concrete, Amazon, Pope Francis, Hermits of Westray, Pets, Death of pets, Hong Kong, COVID-19, Seal of confession, Third way, Third Rite of Reconciliation, Joseph Zhu Baoyu, Querida Amazonia, Phylolinguistics, Married priests

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 007 – 15 Feb 2020

Pope Francis in Korea

Key words: Conspiracy Theories, Special Knowledge, Conspiracies, Coronavirus, Gaming, Pope Francis, Amazon, Celibacy, Married priests, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Requiem aeternam, Querida Amazonia

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Proof texting, the Bible, and the Church

Still life with Bible, Vincent van Gogh

Providing a quote from the Bible seems like a good thing if you’re trying to convince someone else about what the Bible teaches. But often enough, you get another verse back at you, without context. That’s proof texting.

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 002 – 8 Jan 2020

Christmas trees

Key words: Pontifical secret, Slap, PopeSlap, Diet, Bias in research, Religious discrimination, Resignation, Pope Francis, Vegetarianism, Supreme Court, Voting, John Shin, Mayo Clinic

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Is Pope Francis intending to resign soon?

Pope Francis in the Philippines

That looks a little like preparation for the end of his papacy. Should we be concerned? Are there other subtle signs, like the one where Pope Benedict XVI laid his pallium on the tomb of Pope Celestine V?

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Aggressive woman grabs Pope Francis, gets a well-deserved #popeslap on the wrist

Pope Francis, in pain, being pulled

On New Year’s Eve, Pope Francis was greeting people who were behind a barricade. As he was turning away, a woman grabbed his hand and pulled, nearly pulling him over. He tried to pull his hand away, clearly in pain, and she refused to let it go. He was trapped in her grasp and could not get free. So he followed that up with a slap on her wrist. She finally loosened her grip (with the help of the security guy) and he was able to pull his hand away. Surrounding spectators looked at her in disgust.

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 001 – 2 Jan 2020

Declaration of Schism by Hermits of Westray

Key words: Ganoune Diop, Book Dispenser, Ordination of women in Adventism, Sabbath myths, Hermits of Westray, Vigano, Pope Francis, Miracles

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The Hermits of Westray withdraw from the Catholic Church

West coast of Westray

The hermits of Westray are a group of Catholics (now ex-Catholics) who have voiced their dissent from Pope Francis’ teaching. They resided in the Catholic Diocese of Argyll and the Isles in Scotland. They formally withdrew from communion with Rome and Pope Francis sometime in April 2019, perhaps a bit before. Their formal act of schism has now been recognised by their bishop, Bishop Brian McGee, who has made the position official from his side by issuing a formal excommunication.

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Susan and Chad, the contrasting parish council couple

Chad from the Parish Council

With the recent revelation that Susan and Chad (both from the Parish Council) are, in fact, a married Catholic couple with divergent views, I wondered how on earth these two could be a happily married couple. Apparently with 8 children (in total between them from current and previous marriages). One of whom is gay.

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Should Catholics be pro or anti vaccination?

Pope Francis giving a polio vaccine

Vaccines and the huge benefits they have brought are a matter of science and history and fact, and there is plenty of evidence for those who are willing to look at it. I’ll briefly comment on some aspects of vaccine success and discuss some legitimate instances where vaccines are inappropriate, and I’ll give useful links below; my purpose here is to make a statement and not to provide several years worth of studying science on one page. I’ll also touch on the valid problem of vaccines tainted with a history of abortion.

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