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Christmas resources – 2019

Protestant idolatry

Resources for understanding the Christian nature of Christmas

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Not only did humans evolve from monkeys, but we ARE monkeys

Barbary Macaque

The terms “ape” and “monkey” are not really scientific terms; they’re English terms and the supposed scientific difference came in with outdated classification systems that saw monkeys were smaller with tails and apes were bigger with no tails. There are not apes with tails, but there are tail-less monkeys such as the Barbary Ape, which, by the way, is indeed a monkey and not an ape.

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Replacing Jesus with the sabbath, the Adventist way

Crucifixion, from Polittico di Valle Romita

If you listen to what Adventists say about the sabbath, and replace the word “sabbath” with “Jesus”, you hear the truth. If you don’t replace it, you hear false teaching about a day of the week. This has often been pointed out to me, and I’ve found it works a lot of the time. But not alway as clearly as this post on the “Jesus is a Zebra” blog.

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