March 2006 archive

The death penalty

The New England Journal of Medicine’s latest edition has a free full text commentary and free audio on the ethics of the death penalty from a medical perspective. Quite graphic, and very insightful. One wonders why abortion is different.

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How we know what the New Testament contains

Hebrew Bible

Our first list of New Testament books that includes all the books we use today comes from the Catholic bishop Athanasius, who was instrumental in defining the Trinity as doctrine at the Council of Nicaea in 324-5 AD. This was also the first list to exclude texts not considered as canonical today.

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The original Adventists

James and Ellen White

Modern Adventism has corrected itself, and returned to the historical Christian faith taught by the early Christians. Many within Adventism today are objecting to this, and retain some of these anti-Trinitarian teachings … one of the reasons they cite is that the Adventist church is accepting Catholic doctrines.

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The 4th Commandment and Bacchiocchi

10 Commandments

In his latest Endtime Issues newsletter, Samuele Bacchiocchi makes an error that has been corrected many times in the past. One shouldn’t have to point out such facts to a scholar who claims to have researched issues like this, but then one must take his agenda into account.

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Soul sleep feedback

Someone recently wrote to me about soul sleep. The e-mail address they gave doesn’t work, so I will reply here. Their text is in green and my reply in black.

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Sola Scriptura stats

Jesus left the Apostles in charge of his Church.  He told them to go and teach, not write a book.  Yes, the Bible is the word of God, but neither Jesus nor the Bible tell us that the Bible was to be our sole authority once the Apostles, the original Church leaders, had finished writing …

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Turn about – Carl Olson’s conversion

All of the criticisms were the result of twisting and misunderstanding Catholic teaching.

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