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How to say Adventism, and their new Fundamental Belief

On 7 July, Kermit Netteburg commented on the General Conference blog on the adoption of the new Fundamental Belief of the SDA church at their General Conference (in some ways, much like the Ecumenical Councils of the Catholics and Orthodox, such as the Council of Nicaea or Vatican II. Perhaps more like a synod of bishops called to Rome – not just a local synod.)

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Alcohol content of Coke

Adventists are known for avoiding certain types of food, such as “unclean” meat, alcohol, and beverages containing caffeine. So that cuts out Coke for those who are strict regarding the caffeine. With alcohol, they are strict, although I think that their clergy should also abstain from grape juice. I’m not sure how strict they are in general when it comes to caffeine – those Adventists I know have had Coke in my presence, and coffee. And this news item should not scare them about Coke’s alcohol content – it seems to be lower than the alcohol content of normal bread baked with yeast, which makes alcohol.

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Sola Scriptura

Dave Armstrong has posted an excellent list of quotes on Sola Scriptura at his blog site.

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A Story of Apostasy and Return

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Dennis Embo is a Catholic who was once Catholic, then joined the Worldwide Church of God, and then returned home to the Catholic faith. See Google Books or Catholic Exchange for a brief excerpt.

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Bacchiocchi on the 58th General Conference

Doctor Bacchiocchi, don’t confuse type and antitype. Don’t try to prove your Sabbath theology by discrediting the New Testament’s fulfilment of the Old by means of false dichotomies used to water down the prophetic fulfilment of David’s words in Christ.

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Adventism’s re-elected pope

Paulsen appears to be a conservative, going the way of the traditionalists who hold to Ellen White’s writings. It’s unlikely that he’ll reform the Adventist denomination regarding their views on Ellen White – he has not done so thus far. He is looking at liturgy reform, it seems, in his views on church music. At least the views expressed do not go to the extreme Bacchiocchi goes to.

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