December 2020 archive

Should Tammuz and Nimrod determine Christian practice?

Pope Benedict XVI wearing a camauro

Some people claim that 25 December is really the birthday of Tammuz, Nimrod, Tammuz son of Nimrod, or various other people. From this they conclude that Christmas is really a celebration of Tammuz or Nimrod or someone other than Jesus.

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 021 – 26 Dec 2020

Horned beast

Key words: Abby Johnson, Adventist mobile gaming app, Cooperation with evil, COVID vaccine, Dave Nix, Dominik Duka, Edmontosaurus thanatocoenosis, HEK-293 cells, Holy Vaccine, Joseph Strickland, Luis Tagle

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 020 – 19 Dec 2020

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Key words: Abortion money, Antivaxxer, Apartheid, Bishop Stika, Communion in the hand, Communion on the tongue, COVID-19, Darth Vader, Edward Allred, Ku Klux Klan, Loma Linda, Martyrs, Nativity scene, Parler, Race, Religious persecution, Segregation, SSPX, Strickland, Zuhlsdorf

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 019 – 12 Dec 2020

Death penalty and Fratelli Tutti

Key words: Allison Willows, Becciu, Biden, Brandon Bernard, Burke, Canon 915, COVID terrorists, Digital evangelism, Fr Zuhlsdorf, Moist plinth, Naima Cochrane, Religious freedom

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