February 2006 archive

Ending abortion in America

This looks like a powerful attempt to end abortion in the USA. I am skeptical – I don’t believe that the pro-abortion lobby will stand for it, and will somehow get it right to have this fail. I hope I am wrong. The people promoting this are the Ultimate Coalition for Unborn Children. Pray for them!

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Paradise vs Heaven

Another perfectly valid explanation is that Jesus had not ascended, which he only did in Acts 1:9. Mary was not to cling to him, in the sense of wanting him to stay, and not return to the Father. This is a more accurate translation of “touch” – merely touching him was quite okay, as is shown in later passages, where Thomas touches him.

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SermonAudio – no response

White-tailed gnu (Black wildebeest)

There seems to be silence now from the Pastor X front … no further groans from his flock. No further defence of his attitude. I think they are ashamed … either that, or too busy finding other people to call devils.

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