The Early Church

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Adventism holds to beliefs that weren’t taught by early Christians. These innovations came from human reasoning during the so-called Reformation and later periods. Was the entire Christian Church wrong for 1500 years? Some groups claim spiritual ties with certain sects that existed in the past, to try to trace their roots to the Apostles without acknowledging Catholicism as the original Christian Church. But were these sects even Christian?  And what were the beliefs of the early Christians, and do they reflect Catholic or Protestant (or Adventist, etc.) beliefs?

Who where the early Christians?

Albigensians, Waldensians, and Ellen White … by Stephen Korsman

Adventist Review’s indirect admission of Ellen White’s errors regarding the Albigensians and Waldenses … by Stephen Korsman

Were the Waldenses primitive “Protestants”? … by Dave Armstrong

Were the Albigensians primitive “Protestants”? … by Dave Armstrong

The Early Church Fathers

The Early Church Fathers … extensive listing by New Advent

Adventists abusing Socrates on the Sabbath … by Stephen Korsman

The Early Christians on various topics

The Antichrist … Catholic Answers


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