Ex-Adventist website shut down

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I got this e-mail, with good and bad news [hyperlinks added by me]:

I want to give you an update concerning our outreach ministry to Seventh-day Adventists (formerly, sdaoutreach.org).  For almost twenty-five years we’ve been helping Adventists move from Law to Grace and have seen the Lord do wonderful things.  Apparently our website is making such an impact on Adventism that it has come under legal scrutiny and this past month the SDA Church threatened us if we do not change the address of our site.  In the interest of seeing the gospel go forward, we have changed our website to:  exAdventist.com.

It would be very helpful if you would please note this change and continue to send people our way who have questions about the Sabbath, the Law, Ellen G. White or other “unique” Adventist doctrines.  This user-friendly website has ministered to hundreds of thousands, worldwide, helping people to get honest answers to their questions from God’s Word.  We have a very large selection of resources available, including an interactive FAQ, relevant books, CD’s, DVD’S and free downloadable messages.  If you would help us get the word out about this change of address, it would be a huge blessing. Let us know if we can help you in any way.

In His grace,
Pastor Mark Martin

Previously blogged on this topic here.

Bad news, in that the Adventist leadership did this.  Good news, in that the website was obviously making an impact, and that it continues.

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