Legal attack on The Ellen White Research Project

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2013 update: The website exposing Ellen White lost its battle.  Links here go to the NEW site when applicable.

Please pray for the failure of a legal harassment programme against The Ellen White Research Project, a website that is a huge source of information on the Adventist prophetess Ellen White.

I recommend you visit The Ellen White Research Project and see the vast amount of info there is.  Run by Dirk Anderson, I think it’s the best online resource for information on her erroneous teachings.

I received this information via Robert Sanders’ website, Truth or Fables, another excellent resource on Adventism and their prophetess.

The following is what was sent out by e-mail – posted with Dirk’s permission:

Supporters of

I want to give you a quick update of the latest news. The White Estate has
stepped up their campaign of legal harrassment in an attempt to interfere
with our work and syphon away our resources from our mission to reveal the
truth about Ellen White. They have fired the first salvo in what appears to
be the beginning of a legal battle over our right to use the name “Ellen
White” in our domain. Their attorneys have filed a complaint with our domain
name registration service claiming that they have a right to our domain

It is interesting to note that the Estate has taken no action against the
other “Ellen White” web sites out there that have a pro-Ellen White slant.
Their assault is clearly directed against us because of our message.

I have two things to ask of you. First and foremost, pray for our victory.
When you consider the SDA church is a multi-billion dollar organization with
deep pockets and plenty of high-paid lawyers, this is truly a case of David
against Goliath. So we need your sincere prayers for victory.

Second, because of the legal attack we have had to retain an attorney who
specializes in internet law. As you know, we have not asked for nor received
any money for the operation of this web site in the 9+ years of its
existence. However, if you feel led to help us out in building up a legal
defense fund, we need your help now. We need to raise $1000 to cover
attorney fees for the short term.

Life Assurance Ministries will be managing our legal defense fund, and here
is the contact information:

Life Assurance Ministries
PO Box 11587
Glendale, AZ 85318

Phone: 623-572-9549

Thanks so much for your support! I’ve poured my whole life into this project
and it means a lot to me to have others stand with me at a time like this.

God bless,
Dirk Anderson

A clarifying quote from the News section on Dale Ratzlaf’s site:

For people who wish to send a check for the Legal Defense Fund for [defunct site], you may send it to LAM Publications, LLC P.O. Box 11587, Glendale AZ 85318. Please note that this donation may NOT be tax deductible at this time. However, if the board of LAM, Inc. accepts this project, then all donations for this project will be tax deductible.

A further shocking statement from the same page:

We understand that the White Estate (or General Conference) has secured the services of a Catholic attorney to do this. Please pray that God’s will be done. This site has some 800 pages of FACTUAL material on Ellen White that has helped many thousands of Adventists find the truth about the “White lie”.

Somewhat hypocritical of the White Estate, I’d say.  Adventism is notoriously anti-Catholic, and promotes huge volumes of dishonest anti-Catholic propaganda.  The White Estate and the writings of Ellen White are especially so, being on the right wing of Adventism.  Now they are getting a Catholic to do their dirty work.  This is a shame.  He has the right to choose what work he takes and what work he does not take.  Maybe he just doesn’t know what the White Estate is promoting, and that he has taken up a religious cause inimical to his Catholic and Christian faith.

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