The 4th Commandment and Bacchiocchi

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10 CommandmentsIn his latest Endtime Issues newsletter, Samuele Bacchiocchi makes an error that has been corrected many times in the past.  One shouldn’t have to point out such facts to a scholar who claims to have researched issues like this, but then one must take his agenda into account.

Bacchiocchi says:

Catholics and Lutherans omits from their listing of the Ten Commandments,  the verses of Exodus 20:4-6.

This is just another piece of misinformation often spread by those who attack Catholicism.  It’s not true … something easily verifiable by looking at the Catechism of the Catholic Church, or examining how the Church divides up the commandments.  EWTN has a good explanation.  I also have a piece on my site.

Even the Adventist church’s website has a commentary on it, saying that how the commandments are counted is not important.  After all, the Bible doesn’t supply the numbering, and no Christians use the numbering system used by the Jews.

This sort of statement by Bacchiocchi brings into question the accuracy of his regular statements on Catholicism, most of which are seriously flawed.

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