SSPX: “Rome without a pope. Bergoglio is there, but not Peter.”

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“Rome without a pope. Bergoglio is there, but not Peter.”

That was the title of an article on the SSPX News website on 26 February 2021.

Rome without a pope - SSPX News 2021-02-26
Tweet: Rome without a pope – SSPX News 2021-02-26

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UPDATE 28 Feb: The article is now publicly accessible. Most likely accidentally published and then withdrawn until now.

The page is either private or no longer exists. But it did. As did the tweet indicating it was published. The tweet appeared late on Friday evening, 26 February 2021, and was later deleted.

  • Was this a real article that was published accidentally and then withdrawn?
  • Was it published too soon?
  • Did it reflect one person’s view or a larger subset of the SSPX?
  • Was it published with a private setting, and the tweet happened automatically?
  • Or are they simply commenting on sedevacantism and using a clickbait-like title?

What is interesting is that someone actually wrote an article with that as the article title.

The page was here. The Tweet was here.


Update: full text located in the SSPX News site’s RSS feed on 27 Feb 2021 … it will be purged from the RSS feed after 10 articles, as the RSS feed is 10 articles long. Archived here, fair use. It appears to be an article by Aldo Maria Valli, an Italian Vaticanist.

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