St Marys, Kansas, USA – a town hiding their COVID cases?

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St Marys is actively participating in conspiracy to hide the COVID 19 cases. Major institutions including the SSPX Church are instructing the people of St. Marys to not report COVID 19 cases. #stmarysantimaskers

Catholic church, St Marys, Kansas, USA, 1851
Catholic church, St Marys, Kansas, USA, 1851

So says a tweet by Twitter user “Midwest K. West Presidential Campaign Committee”. They attach an image of a letter dated 20 October 2020. Which claims:

Let it be know, that St. Marys is actively participating in conspiracy to hide the COVID 19 cases. Major institutions including the SSPX Church are instructing the people of St. Marys to not report COVID 19 cases.

I am not surprised at all.

In another tweet, they add further legal documentation as images.

I’ll embed those images here.

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    • Kansan on April 13, 2021 at 10:16 pm

    I don’t know if what you shared is true, but I live near St. Marys and can tell you that many of the parishioners there are simply *not* getting tested for covid. They range from “there is no covid” to “covid is no big deal” to “I already had it”. What St. Marys has is basically Schrodinger’s covid, they never had it because it isn’t real, but if you are worried about their immune status, they already had it last winter before it actually hit the states. Also, masks cut off oxygen, produce little white lung worms when worn, are muzzles, signs of fascist commie oppression, don’t work, are unconstitutional, sinful because they obscure Imago Dei and are what sheeple do. Hand sanitizer is toxic and bad for you. The people of SSPX St. Marys are proud that they have ignored covid and see the rest of the world as having wasted their time “living in fear”. They will not get the satanic vaccine that is full of floating dead baby parts and this was all planned by Bill Gates and George Soros. Also, what sex abuse scandals? There are no sex abuse scandals! Ignore the pedophile behind the curtain! Hydroxychloroquine. That’s what you need. Except covid isn’t real.

    1. Thanks for that insight. I am really not surprised. I no longer attend the SSPX here, but I get enough insight from insiders to know what goes on. It sounds like a lot are exactly as you describe, both locally and elsewhere in the country (South Africa). Observing their Masses online – very very few mask wearers. It’s as if the priests don’t care who they infect or even kill.

        • Kansan on April 15, 2021 at 1:00 am

        I also no longer attend the SSPX in Kansas. The people, the priests, the faculty, staff, the educated, the ignorant, none of them believe covid is a serious threat, and they are above the law. Life is to go on as usual. Even the SSPX nuns shop in the nearby city of Topeka, in public, unmasked, to indicate their defiance of covid restrictions. You can generally tell a parishioner out in the wider public because of the skirts and lack of masking. The county in which St. Marys lies, has less than 2000 official cases, and 28 official deaths. It is not a stretch to say that there have been huge numbers of children infected who were never tested. Post-covid syndrome and long term problems should be interesting for these children down the road. For the most part, people think they have gotten away with it and the rest of the covid cautious citizens are fools. One local parish woman told me: “This covid stuff is ridiculous. Old people gotta die of something.” So here we are. And yes, there is a cultural undertone of defying seat belt laws, drinking and driving laws, car seat laws, vaccine laws, etc. It is a community founded by narcissists and emotionally troubled families, and all the psychological symptoms are there. It is not a stretch to go from believing the pope and clergy of Rome are infected with demons and freemasons to assuming that all modern doctors and modern medicine is infected with demons etc.

        1. That is really really sad. They’re harming their neighbour, and they’re harming the Church. I like your use of the term “narcissist” – it’s all about them and their supposed needs (really their “wants”). I’m starting to realise that their sermons, when discussing historical facts, are often not accurate. I’m going through a few past ones. I remember all sorts of nonsense before, and I just shrugged it off as pious legend.

          But now the SSPX News site has announced 1700 years of Sunday rest … beginning with Constantine. That’s not real history – it’s Seventh-day Adventist anti-Catholic propaganda. And the SSPX are lapping it up and promoting it.

          In a related local sermon, the priest said that there were 160 martyred popes prior to Pope Sylvester I (became pope in 314 AD) and the average reign of a pope before him was 6 months. The maths doesn’t work – Sylvester was pope #33, pope #160 became pope in 1099 AD, a 6-month average means more than 400 popes before Sylvester I, and pope Francis is #266. (Topic of my latest blog post).

          If their history lessons are like that, and their moral practice is like that … what about their theology? They may have a lot of valid complaints / points, but they have missed a lot as well (that has always been my view, even when attending their Masses).

    • Jennifer beck on April 19, 2021 at 9:21 am

    I am laughing so hard at this.

    Everyone I know who lives in St. Mary’s recognizes Covid as serious threat to their health. The majority of us do not wear masks because it simply isn’t mandated in our county. Gov. Kelly gave Kansas counties the authority to require masks or not. Our county does not.

    When Covid first became a threat last year, Church services were cancelled. All parish events were cancelled. When the state mandated a lockdown, St. Mary’s complied. No one has covered up Covid infections. Our city clinic has worked tirelessly overtime keeping people healthy and safe. We have very large families here so when one member of the family became ill with the virus, the rest of the family quarantined for the time recommended. If others in the family got sick no one tested because we all knew what we had was what we caught from another member of our family. That’s why there were so few people being tested in relation to the whole population of the city. It made no sense to test 10-12 people in the same family when one of us got sick with the same virus.

    At one point school was cancelled because of all the people who were actively quarantining. We have all been extremely careful about the seriousness of this virus. It’s really awful when someone becomes angry because more people haven’t died than they think should have perished. That’s so ridiculous and just plain stupid.

    The fact that we have had so few deaths in our community is a testament to just how careful we really, truly have been. The rector of the parish has been quite serious about prohibiting the sick from attending Mass. We have obeyed the rules set in place about social distancing once services started again. Mass has continually been live streamed for those whose health is at risk or for those who still test positive for the virus.

    No matter where people live there are fanatics. There are always going to be people who are “odd balls” of the community. Sadly when religion becomes involved, some communities get more than their fair share. Our town is the same as everyone else’s town. We do not pretend to be a bastion of virtue. Bad things happen here just like they do everywhere else. The residents here are good or bad just like the residents in other towns. As for the other churches in town, we all along quite fine. We all co-habitate very well together and when hard times come, it’s very easy for us to pull together as a community to bring about a good outcome. We understand that the
    “Odd balls” or “freaks” who live here don’t define the relationship we all share.

    Your article is one-sided, it is a drive by piece that reeks of sensational journalism. You have taken a couple of statistical outliers and completely misrepresented the truth of a situation you know absolutely nothing about. It’s important that you know what is really happening in our community. The people who inhabit St. Marys work very hard to keep our community a safe and enjoyable place to live.

    1. Thanks for the different perspective. Knowing the local SSPX as I do, I wouldn’t be surprised if the St Marys SSPX had taken a morally sub-standard approach to the pandemic. They have done so in my country and they have done so around the world, including in Econe, and including by their bishops. You claim not to wear masks and you claim to have been careful. That’s a contradiction. The SSPX lacks the moral courage to be safe. I doubt it’s different in Kansas.

    • Kansan on April 20, 2021 at 1:38 am

    I’m not laughing. The St. Marys Manor (assisted living facility for seniors) finally was hit with covid, “due to uncontained community spread”. People who worked in that clinic had children in the SSPX academy, and attended mass in their church where little to no precautions were taken. My elderly parents are eyewitnesses to the fact that social distancing was not enforced when it was supposed to be, and that they had coughing families crowded in around them again and again until they gave up. A fundamental failure to grasp how viruses are spread and the damage they can do was not confined to a few eccentrics, but is shared by the majority and shaped/shapes policy for the church and school.

    1. That is terrible! And still the SSPX has no concept of the danger they are to everyone else. I don’t know what else to say.

    • Patricia Thomas on April 29, 2021 at 3:48 pm

    Although I disagree with the ways many people in St Mary’s and Kansas in general have rejected using the CDC guidelines. This posting hasn’t produced any evidence that there is some kind of ‘cover up’ being made on covid cases in the St Mary’s community. You’re just spreading gossip.

    1. This is far stronger than gossip. This is evidence of an official legal action and eyewitness testimony from both sides.

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