Maskless till the end, the SSPX way

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On 24 September 2020, there was a Mass and ceremony for the relocation of Archbishop Lefebvre’s remains, in preparation for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the SSPX seminary in Switzerland.

SSPX chapel quarantine notice, 25 March 2020
SSPX chapel quarantine notice, 25 March 2020

As I said before, with the SSPX the rot goes all the way to the top. I only know of our local SSPX cleric who told his congregation that the law doesn’t apply to them, but in at least 3 countries there have been altercations between the SSPX and law enforcement. That they are above the law is obviously not the published official policy of the SSPX, but it may well be the unspoken unpublished version.

The June ordinations in Switzerland demonstrated that their leadership had absolutely no regard for the safety of others when it came to social distancing and wearing masks.

The same was obvious on 24 September, with their Pontifical High Mass for the transfer of founder Archbishop Lefebvre’s body to another location. No social distancing. No masks.

Do the SSPX condone drunk driving? Do the SSPX make it a habit to practice drunk driving? I imagine that if they think that laws do not apply to them (and clearly the laws of the Church and some countries are seen that way), then drunk driving is just as easily tolerated as spreading a dangerous pathogen. Other “traditionalist” leaders have gone further and claimed God allowed polygamy specially for them. Slippery slope into sedevacantism and other nonsense. Just imagine the joy of the SSPX if they lived in the world of The Purge movie series. They’d never need masks again.

Two photos from an otherwise beautiful event, contrasting the beauty of the liturgy with the sickening attitude of these people. In the first, there is a cluster of two people with masks at the back left, circled in red. Hypocrisy is the nearest word I can think of. And scandal, inflicted on the world in multiple ways in their video. First class pharisees.

SSPX Econe 24 Sept 2020
SSPX Econe 24 Sept 2020
SSPX Econe 24 Sept 2020
SSPX Econe 24 Sept 2020
Charles Darwin, 1883
Charles Darwin, 1883

Darwin Awards are issued to people who, by their actions, prevent their own stupidity from being genetically transmitted to subsequent generations.


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