Testimony of a recovering ex-Adventist

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This testimony is an e-mail from an ex-Adventist, published with permission. It speaks for itself.

Yes, I was raised thinking the Catholics were all going to Hell really fast when Jesus came and that someday the pope was going to get the mark of the beast and persecute us and kill us for keeping the Sabbath. Pretty bad huh? They keep you paranoid and scared from childhood on, still some of it is stuck in my head, I am having a catholic help deprogram me. LOL When I was in high school my best friend was catholic and I remember crying and telling her I felt so bad and I did, because she wasn’t going to heaven. Well, I left that church along time ago, now the clergy all know about it and quite a few of the members, that EG WHITE was a false Prophet. Walter Rae was my minister too. And its been published in their mintery Magazine. (Name withheld)

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