Testimony of an ex-Adventist #1

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This testimony is a compilation of a series of e-mails I had with an ex-Adventist, published with permission. It speaks for itself.

Greetings.  I must say that I appreciate what you have to say about how the SDA’s treat those in the Catholic Church and the Catholic Church in general.  Although I am not a member of the Catholic Church, and although I do not see the Catholic Church as “the true church,” I am especially sensitive to other Christians, Catholic or otherwise, who are mistreated by the SDA Church. As a, now, non-denominational Christian, I feel compelled to apologize for having had any part in offending you and other Catholics by (albeit unknowingly) partaking in the anti-Catholic tactics of the SDA denomination.  Finally free from that denomination (and its bondage), I am happily living a life that is, for once, truly evangelical and non-judgmental.

My other reason for “writing” is that I feel equally compelled to articulate my belief that the SDA Church is indeed a cult.  I am not as charitable as you seem to be toward that denomination because I was abused personally by that organization through their promulgation of false doctrines (via  EG White and the “red books) which faithfully keep their members in fear and dread of their salvation.  Truly a “works” program, the SDA church, thanks to EG White and her cronies, is brainwashed into believing their prophetess’  crazy ideas.  In fact, the Adventists in the upper realm of the General Conference are indeed aware of the problems of the origins and doctinal inconsistencies of the SDA organization, yet they keep their members in the dark intent upon keeping their jobs secure and the money rolling in through the sale of EG White’s books.

I’m sorry to be so abrupt, but I believe it my duty to inform those interested  as to the true nature of the SDA Church and their tactics of control from first-hand experience. It is just as much a cult as are the Mormans and the Jehovahs. Any organization that teaches its members that Jesus did not go directly to the right hand of the father to intercede on our behalf upon His death and ressurection, but in 1844, and, also, that teaches that Jesus will cease to intercede on behalf of His people (even for a minute) is teaching blatant untruth and anti-Gospel garbage (please excuse the grammar as I am writing this at midnight … )

Stephen, thanks for the reply.  Please note that that I agree that my feelings certainly should not be the basis for classification of a religious cult.  However, do you not see that many are being led into the SDA church unknowing of the crazy doctrines–that is, the whole story?!  For example, certainly the SDA’s should be taken as a cult just on the basis that they teach that they are in a “second probation” (according to their prophetess’ and the church’s doctrinal teachings),where God’s people have an opportunity to overcome all known sin (in order to prepare for their judgment as the books are now under review by our Lord, Jesus Christ, in order to declare just who is and who is not righteous,thus saith the SDA Church). And of course, one musn’t forget that they also teach that “those who are living upon the earth when the intercession of Christ shall cease in the sanctuary above [the SDA’s seemed to have overlooked Hebrews 10:10 which clearly states that His work was already completed at the cross] are to stand in the sight of a holy God without a mediator.  Their robes must be spotless, their characters must be purified from sin by the blood of sprinkling.  Through the grace of God and their own diligent effort, they must be conquerers in the battle with evil” (see The Great Controversy). What more does one need in order to make the call that this denomination is, indeed, a cult?!!

The “red Books” are her books (or should I say, the plagiarized writings of EG White?).  The SDA Church relies heavily upon the sale of the EG White books and encourages their membership to refer and defer to her judgements when their is a discrepancy that needs to be cleared up. ….

Thank you, once again, for responding to my e-mail, brother.  I thank God for the courageous people, like yourself, who are willing to go out on a limb and declare the truth.

Stephen, it is true that at MOST SDA churches, EG White is not preached from the pulpits (at the request of this generation of SDA’s and those who know the problems with her writings).  However, do not be fooled for one moment into believing that Ellen (G White) is not being used in the SDA churches.  …. The SDA’s that are telling you that only the Bible is being preached in the churches are not telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. … I called and formally had my name removed from the records of the SDA church, and even sent a registered letter;  Additionally, I requested (twice) to have my name  removed from mailing lists in that church, and they persist on sending me their materials!!  So I still receive their materials and am compelled, often, to see the state of affairs of the church, and sadly I see that EG white is still hanging in there.  No way, Stephen . . . It is not true that her work is not used and maintained in that religion.

Hey Stephen, yes, character bashing is very common because many (although not all adventists, and primarily those in the authoritative positions of the church) are concerned that ex-adventists will try to lead other adventists out of the fold.  So in order to “contain the damage,” isolation is exercised, as well as smearing the ex-adventists’ reputations.  For example, Dr. Ford was fodder for the mills when he left the church.  His influence was HUGE in the church, especially among the young, and up and coming.  During the same time that Dr. Ford was in the limelight, another man who discovered the plagiarism of EG White (and he was speaking openly of his findings)–his name, I believe, is Walter Rea–was also the target of SDA bashing.  Now, these men are famous examples of SDA bashing, but during the same period of time that Rea and Ford were the topics of discord, many, many pastors and students in seminary decided to follow in their footsteps in order to speak up for the truth (there is a lot of info in the magazine and newspaper archives that attest to this fact).  Many of the pastors who left were spoken of in hushed whispers and with great disrespect.  I came in after all of this, but I have spoken to many of these former pastors, and I know of many recent occurences that have resulted in the same manner (one being a relative).  Also, whenever Ford’s or Rea’s, or other names came up in discussion, the attitude was one of negativity–if I asked questions about who these men were (at the time, I was still in the dark), people would say unkind and untrue things about these men.  (By the way, this was common even in EG White’s time–J Harvey Kellogg was labeled a pantheist by Ellen White when she became discontented by Kellogg’s use of funds.)   Pastor J Mark Martin, who has a whole ministry devoted to informing and ministering to former and practicing SDAs and Jehovahs, … was also bashed to the hilt (he was the top draft choice while in the seminary and was privy to much privately held info in regard to the church).

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