Apparently I whine

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ContactRichard Kissell sent a previous e-mail about 2 years ago:

Pretty flimsly evidence which you offer considering the myriad proof texts the Professor has offered in his lenghty books and articles.Better get out the shovel and hoe, and stop whining.

Watertown, NY

Apparently he had the same attitude then as he has now (he sent one recently, commented on here).  No evidence or argument provided.  Just bitchiness.  Apparently he thinks, like Bacchiocchi does, that I have only the mentality for gardening.  Sad that that is from a supposed Christian, but enlightening.  That is what many of the Saturday lot do when confronted with evidence they don’t like.  Again, Bacchiocchi’s Gregorian Controversy.  And here’s a lengthy debate with Bacchiocchi that shows up a lot of his theological problems.

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